What Companies Need to Know About the Second Wave of Cloud Migration

Cloud computing has entered its second wave, with companies understanding how to leverage the benefits for operational and cost efficiencies.

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Don't Put Customer Experience on the Backburner
Instead of working to deliver great - or at least good - customer experiences, many businesses today simply outsource customer service, or focus on cu…

By: Paula Bernier | 4/9/2018

Software Monetization Involves Control, Management, Tracking & Packaging Flexibility
To make sure they and their customers get the most out of their solutions, software publishers need to be able to control, manage, package, and track …

By: Paula Bernier | 4/5/2018

Aspect Software Recognizes the Real Customer Service Gems
Aspect Software announced the GEM (Going the Extra Mile) Award geared toward rewarding exceptional customer service agents who over exceed on expectat…

By: Mandi Nowitz | 4/3/2018

Aspect Garners Contact Center Scheduling Patent
Aspect Software garnered a new patent for modeling and simulating the interaction dynamics of chat, email, IM, social media and other text-based digit…

By: Maurice Nagle | 4/2/2018

Explosion of Use Cases Call for More Flexible Software Licensing, Monetization
Today's solutions are becoming more software- and user-centric, which calls for more flexible service models that address the broad range of use cases…

By: Paula Bernier | 3/29/2018

Reinventing the Contact Center
Are human agents still a necessity as bots are replacing the need for a live being, saving time and resources?

By: Mandi Nowitz | 3/26/2018

ZaiLab Putting the Cloud into Cloud Contact Center
Security has become an even bigger issue, but not one that's unique to cloud providers, but one that impacts every provider, business, and individual …

By: Erik Linask | 3/26/2018

Verint Announces AI-powered Virtual Assistant
Verint released new customer self-service capabilities that include AI-powered enterprise chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants - riding project…

By: Maurice Nagle | 3/20/2018

8x8 X Series Provides Integrated Customer, Collaboration Experiences
8x8's new X Series solution enables organizations to break down the departmental and communication medium barriers that prevent them from delivering a…

By: Paula Bernier | 3/19/2018

VoiceBase AU Addresses Australian Data Protection Acts
This week, VoiceBase unveiled VoiceBase AU. Coming Q2 of this year, the new service will offer an instance of the VoiceBase speech API platform online…

By: Maurice Nagle | 3/15/2018

Vonage Unveils Initial 'Building Blocks'
This week, Vonage announced the arrival of real-time sentiment analysis and skills-based communications routing technologies to its repertoire. A prod…

By: Maurice Nagle | 3/14/2018

How Software Monetization Enables Digital Transformation
Evolving into more agile and software-focused businesses means different things to different companies. But it often involves a migration from selling…

By: Paula Bernier | 3/12/2018

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Aspect, NICE, Ozonetel & More
Digital transformation is a theme touching all points of business, riding the momentum of the cloud contact center solutions are ushering in change in…

By: Maurice Nagle | 3/10/2018

Aspect Introduces AI Assistant Suite
This week, at the annual HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) conference, Aspect Software unveiled the Aspect AI Assistant Su…

By: Maurice Nagle | 3/8/2018

Ozonetel Unveils AI-driven Contact Center Solutions
Yesterday, Indian-based Ozonetel announced the arrival of its AI driven contact center solution, unveiling three modules for the contact center and sh…

By: Maurice Nagle | 3/8/2018

Making Cloud Software Jive with FedRAMP Requirements
It was never in doubt that cloud computing would eventually play a major role in business technology. In fact, today, the question is not if, or even …

By: Erik Linask | 3/7/2018

Robotic Process Automation Makes Compliance 'NICE'
Today, NICE unveiled enhancements to its robotic process automation platform that promise to provide operational compliance with GDPR.

By: Maurice Nagle | 3/5/2018

Gemalto Gives Cambium, WISPs Greater Flexibility
Cambium Networks delivers fixed wireless broadband technology. The company sells its broad portfolio of solutions to wireless internet service provide…

By: Paula Bernier | 3/5/2018

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Aspect, CallMiner, Kaplan Group & More
Digital transformation is a theme touching all points of business, riding the momentum of the cloud contact center solutions are ushering in change in…

By: Maurice Nagle | 3/3/2018

What Call Center Agents Can Learn about Getting to Yes
Selling something that doesn't fit a customer's needs or desires is a quick route to bad word of mouth. In the past, it took a while for bad word of m…

By: Special Guest | 2/28/2018

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