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Antlion Audio Transforms Headphones Into VoIP Headsets
Antlion Audio announced its latest offering, ModMic Business, its first business-focused offering - it turns all headphones into high-performance VoIP…

By: Mandi Nowitz | 10/20/2017

NurseConnect Enables Exceptional Patient Engagement
Avella unveiled NurseConnect, a new patient support program with the aim of educating and engaging those managing health conditions with specialty dru…

By: Maurice Nagle | 10/20/2017

Telax to Power Digitcom Canada Offering
Digitcom Canada, a telecommunications service provider that been around for a quarter century, has come out with a new cloud-based contact center solu…

By: Paula Bernier | 10/19/2017

Israeli Bank Invests in Visual IVR
Israel's Bank Leumi has deployed the CallVU visual IVR and agent-customer collaboration platform. It's enabling the bank to direct more activity to di…

By: Paula Bernier | 10/19/2017

Seamless and Personalized Customer Experience Focus of Today's Contact Center
ISG evaluated 19 contact center services with four buyer archetypes to draw its conclusions. Importantly, ISG notes that we are living in a customer-d…

By: Mandi Nowitz | 10/13/2017

Avaya Contact Center Upgraded by WEBTEXT with Facebook Messaging
Avaya took note of behavioral changes and asked WEBTEXT to help integrate a P2P messaging service into its contact center platforms.

By: Mandi Nowitz | 10/13/2017

Assisting Advisors in Delivering Great Service
Advisors need just as much assistance in knowing how to deliver great service as the staff and agents they supervise. In order to teach, advisors must…

By: Mandi Nowitz | 10/13/2017

Indonesian Airport Introduces Video Contact Center
Indonesian airport, Soekarno-Hatta, has introduced a video contact center to allow travelers to talk face-to-face with customer service agents when ai…

By: Mandi Nowitz | 10/12/2017

Ways to Save on Batch Workloads in Public Clouds
Large companies have traditionally had an impressive list of batch workloads (which are workloads that run at night, when people have gone home for th…

By: Special Guest | 10/9/2017

Avaya Transforms Telekom Serbia's Customer Experience
Avaya helped transform Telekom Serbia's customer service experience dramatically by integrating a strategic four-year plan.

By: Mandi Nowitz | 10/9/2017

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Permata, Packet Fusion, and More
The Contact Center Solutions space was busy with Permata Bank and Packet Fusion purchasing Advanced Call Processing. A lot was happening so in case yo…

By: Mandi Nowitz | 10/7/2017

Enhanced Calabrio ONE Comes to Market
The most valuable commodity in the modern enterprise is data. Data-driven decision making is not a nice-ity, but a necessity in our digital age. The a…

By: Maurice Nagle | 10/5/2017

Packet Fusion Buys Contact Center Outfit
Packet Fusion has purchased Advanced Call Processing. The unified communications and collaboration company says adding this contact center expertise w…

By: Paula Bernier | 10/5/2017

October Event to Address Software Monetization
Licensing Live! later this month will help businesses offering hardware-based solutions more easily transition to the software-centric world.

By: Paula Bernier | 10/4/2017

Permata Puts Voice Authentication in Contact Center
Permata Bank announced the deployment of NICE Real-Time Authentication to the Indonesian bank's customer authentication protocol, with plans to integr…

By: Maurice Nagle | 10/3/2017

Software Licensing in the NFV World
A new webinar sponsored by Gemalto and featuring ADVA Optical Network discusses the requirements and challenges that CSPs and their suppliers face as …

By: Paula Bernier | 9/28/2017

AI Coming to a Contact Center Near You
Recently, Augment unveiled its AI platform, which unlike other solutions available that are aimed at removing the human element the Augment platform e…

By: Maurice Nagle | 9/28/2017

Enacomm and CallVU Merge to Deliver Digital Services to Fiscal Institutions
Enacomm and CallVU have announced that they have merged in an attempt to deliver digital services to financial institutions.

By: Mandi Nowitz | 9/26/2017

Enghouse Interactive Introduces Communications Center for Microsoft Office 365
Enghouse Interactive has come out with a customer service solution called Communications Center for Microsoft Office 365.

By: Paula Bernier | 9/26/2017

The 10 Bottom Line Results of Customer Experience Management
Measuring and managing customer experience (CX) has become one of the most tried-and-true ways of keeping a finger on the pulse of customer sentiment,…

By: Special Guest | 9/26/2017