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Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Callidus, Cyara, Bright Pattern
The Contact Center Solutions Week in Review offers a chance to quickly go over the top headlines from the past week related to workforce optimization …

By: Stefania Viscusi | 3/4/2017

ServiceMotivate Takes Aim at Agent Engagement
Callidus Software Inc. announced a new armament for the contact center arsenal promising to improve the customer experience and agent performance, Ser…

By: Maurice Nagle | 3/3/2017

Servitization: Changing the Game for Manufacturers Today
During a recent webinar, Dr. Mohamad Zaki of the University of Cambridge joined Gemalto to discuss what servitization is and why manufacturers should …

By: Stefania Viscusi | 3/2/2017

MiFID II and the Urgency of the Cloud
MiFID II affects all organizations conducting business in Europe, and its 2,000 pages of regulations must be strictly followed. Minor changes to the r…

By: ASC Horizons | 3/2/2017

Voxai and Cyara Partner to Improve Contact Center Solutions
Voxai Solutions, Inc. has teamed up with Cyara in the hopes of enhancing its customer contact center technology.

By: Alicia Young | 3/2/2017

Nuance Honored at 2017 Stevie Awards
Nuance Communications was recognized at the 2017 Stevie Awards for innovations in contact center solutions and was named an industry leader in intelli…

By: Michael Guta | 3/2/2017

Bright Pattern Expands Reach to Australia and New Zealand
Bright Pattern announced that it is bringing its cloud contact center software to Australia and New Zealand in a move to expand its global reach.

By: Alicia Young | 2/28/2017

iland's Secure Cloud Services Take On Data Privacy Regulations
iland's Secure Cloud Services were released today with the intention of helping companies use the cloud, while also meeting compliance and data privac…

By: Alicia Young | 2/28/2017

The Importance of Intelligent Network Automation in Hybrid Cloud Environments
When you consider the lower infrastructure cost, greater agility, and improved security they offer in comparison to public clouds or traditional clien…

By: Special Guest | 2/27/2017

The Nuts & Bolts of Transitioning to a Recurring Revenue Model
With the proper tools and technologies, businesses can undergo a seamless and successful transition to a recurring revenue model to glean the most val…

By: Laura Stotler | 2/25/2017

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Broadsoft, Cyara, Avaya & More
With the weekend upon us, there's no better time than the present to take a look at the week that was in contact center solutions: Time for the Week i…

By: Maurice Nagle | 2/25/2017

John Chambers, Andreesen Join Pindrop Board
John Chambers, Cisco's chairman, and Martin Casado, of Andreessen Horowitz, have joined the board at voice security and authentication company Pindrop…

By: Paula Bernier | 2/24/2017

Taylor Reach Group Brings Consulting Services to India
The Taylor Reach Group just announced that it is bringing its global contact center solutions consultancy to India. Additionally, the company also sta…

By: Michael Guta | 2/23/2017

Red Cross Taps BroadSoft for Contact Center
BroadSoft's CC-One SaaS system proves to be just what the American Red Cross needs for rapid, high-scale contact center operations.

By: Steve Anderson | 2/21/2017

Gartner Names Amdocs Leader in 2016 Magic Quadrant for IRCM
Amdocs receives yet another award, this time from Gartner as it names the company Leader in its Integrated Revenue and Customer Management (IRCM) Magi…

By: Frank Griffin | 2/21/2017

Cyara CX Now Interoperable With Avaya
New reports say that the Cyara CX virtual agent application is now completely compliant with a slate of Avaya tools.

By: Steve Anderson | 2/20/2017

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Amdocs, NeoNova, Yappy
The Contact Center Solutions Week in Review offers a chance to quickly go over the top headlines from the past week related to workforce optimization …

By: Stefania Viscusi | 2/18/2017

Trimble Navigation Moves Toward SaaS and Recurring Revenue Model
Trimble Navigation is working with Gemalto as the company moves from a hardware focus to software-based offerings. As Trimble transitions to a SaaS an…

By: Laura Stotler | 2/17/2017

Technology Trends Point to Automation and Improved Customer Experience
The top 2017 contact center technology trends will facilitate automation, efficiency and an improved, omni-channel customer experience.

By: Laura Stotler | 2/17/2017

Amdocs Leading Global Revenue and Customer Management Systems Market
Amdocs has reported analyst firms have ranked the company as a leader in the revenue and customer management systems market along with awards that hav…

By: Frank Griffin | 2/17/2017