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Presence Widgets Named 2017 CUSTOMER Product of the Year
TMC's CUSTOMER magazine has named Presence Widgets a 2017 Product of the Year Award winner.

By: Alicia Young | 3/15/2017

Analytics Are the Key to Avoiding Customer Complaints
Many modern contact center solutions have built-in analytics that can track these small details and turn the data into actionable intelligence. Workfo…

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic | 3/14/2017

TAS United Helps Contact Centers Embrace Cloud Storage
TAS United has released a new contact center solution that will help organize and secure call recordings.

By: Alicia Young | 3/13/2017

Actiance Adds Vantage to Microsoft Azure
Cloud security has been important ever since there was a cloud to secure. Actiance is delivering a whole new value by connecting its Vantage system to…

By: Steve Anderson | 3/13/2017

Cloudera Reportedly Filed IPO Paperwork
Cloudera Inc. is reportedly readying for an initial public offering that could yield a valuation of $4.1 billion.

By: Paula Bernier | 3/13/2017

VHT and Voxai Bring Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions
VHT and Voxai are working together to bring greater efficiency to contact centers.

By: Andrew Bindelglass | 3/13/2017

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: 8x8, NewVoiceMedia, Aspect
The Contact Center Solutions Week in Review offers a chance to quickly go over the top headlines from the past week related to workforce optimization …

By: Stefania Viscusi | 3/11/2017

Cloud: How Did We Get Here and What's Next?
It wasn't too long ago that companies used on-premises solutions for all of their IT and data storage needs. Now, with the growing popularity of Cloud…

By: Special Guest | 3/10/2017

Contact Centers Get New Help from 8x8
8x8 reveals a new communications cloud that should bolster the contact center, and also offers word on its LeChat acquisition.

By: Steve Anderson | 3/10/2017

Google Bolsters Machine Learning Platform
Google is acquiring Kaggle, a company that specializes in data science and machine learning.

By: Andrew Bindelglass | 3/9/2017

NewVoiceMedia Updates Contact Center, Sales Solution
The latest refresh of NewVoiceMedia's ContactWorld provides businesses with enhanced APIs and the ability to send SMS messages. ContactWorld also now …

By: Paula Bernier | 3/9/2017

Today, the Customer Experience Stage is the Smartphone
Customer mobility has powerful implications for companies designing customer experiences (and the contact center solutions to support them) for 2017.

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic | 3/9/2017

The Five Most Common Application Bottlenecks
Application bottlenecks can lead an otherwise functional computer or server to slow down to a crawl. The term "bottleneck" refers to both an overloade…

By: Special Guest | 3/8/2017

Five Considerations for DCOI Compliancy
DCOI stands for data center optimization initiative. It is part of a U.S. government mandate that requires all federal data centers to implement effic…

By: Special Guest | 3/8/2017

Sentinel Workshops Provide Custom Consulting Services for SMEs
Gemalto's Sentinel Workshops are an important part of the company's three-tier approach to custom consulting services. Services are designed to enhanc…

By: Laura Stotler | 3/8/2017

Cloud Disaster Recovery Mistakes Your Organization Might Be Making
Cloud computing is an excellent means to improve a company's defensive posture against failure, but the cloud that is being used has to have built-in …

By: Special Guest | 3/7/2017

Speech Analytics Market Experiencing Rapid Growth
The speech analytics market is expected to reach almost $2 billion in the next five years.

By: Andrew Bindelglass | 3/6/2017

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Callidus, Cyara, Bright Pattern
The Contact Center Solutions Week in Review offers a chance to quickly go over the top headlines from the past week related to workforce optimization …

By: Stefania Viscusi | 3/4/2017

ServiceMotivate Takes Aim at Agent Engagement
Callidus Software Inc. announced a new armament for the contact center arsenal promising to improve the customer experience and agent performance, Ser…

By: Maurice Nagle | 3/3/2017

Servitization: Changing the Game for Manufacturers Today
During a recent webinar, Dr. Mohamad Zaki of the University of Cambridge joined Gemalto to discuss what servitization is and why manufacturers should …

By: Stefania Viscusi | 3/2/2017