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Infinera Unveils Cloud Xpress 2
Infinera has had terrific success with its line of Cloud Xpress solutions. Building on that, the company today unveiled Cloud Xpress 2.

By: Paula Bernier | 9/21/2016

Nimbix Introduces PushToCompute
Nimbix now allows developers and ISVs to push workflows to its platform via a new solution called PushToCompute.

By: Paula Bernier | 9/20/2016

Cloud-Based Software Management and Monetization Offers Major Value
The cloud has afforded businesses all sorts of conveniences and opportunities previously off limits to most. In today's services-driven economy, custo…

By: Laura Stotler | 9/19/2016

The Automotive Industry Goes Driving in the Cloud
The automotive industry has undergone some serious innovation as of late. Just a few of these innovations include the development of mobile broadband,…

By: Lindsey Patterson | 9/15/2016

A Closer Look at Software Monetization
Gemalto also recognized the need to include flexibility in its solutions. Sentinel LDK and Sentinel RMS support a choice between hardware- or software…

By: CustomerZone360 Staff | 9/12/2016

What is Embedded Licensing?
Embedded licensing is software licensing and entitlement management that protects embedded systems software.

By: CustomerZone360 Staff | 8/19/2016

High Tech Manufacturing is Transitioning to a Software-Based Model
Transition to software-based business models will create profits and competitive advantage for tech manufacturers.

By: Peter Bernstein | 8/19/2016

Software Monetization: Getting the Technology+People+Process=Performance Process Right the First Time Around
The Holy Grail of any organization is to perform optimally in all aspects of one's business. It raises the question, "what goes into performance optim…

By: Peter Bernstein | 8/11/2016

Licensing Live! Software Monetization for the NOW Economy
There is little doubt that the world of software monetization, from licensing to entitlement management is in the midst of a critical transformation. …

By: Peter Bernstein | 7/29/2016

It Really Is All About the Data
It has become one of the major trends of our increasingly connected world. Hardware vendors are in the midst of transforming their businesses from shi…

By: Peter Bernstein | 7/21/2016

Should My Company Migrate to the Cloud?
From email and file sharing to CRM systems and critical infrastructure, businesses are moving their systems to the cloud at a phenomenal rate. But bef…

By: Special Guest | 7/19/2016

Using Software Features and Functionality to Differentiate Products
Cloud, virtualization, mobility, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are causing disruptions and transformation. The most important aspect driving transp…

By: Peter Bernstein | 7/12/2016

SugarCRM, VMware Join the IBM Cloud
VMware is best known for its virtual machine technology. The company's product portfolio includes a cloud-hosted virtual desktop solution called Horiz…

By: Paula Bernier | 6/16/2016

The Monetization of the Internet of Things
We are all constantly getting information on how the advent of billions of connected devices is transforming daily life. In fact, Cisco has forecast t…

By: Peter Bernstein | 6/13/2016

It's Not Just About Licensing Anymore: Cloud-Based Software Licensing Enhancing Efficiency, Customer Experiences, and Competitiveness
A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of moderating an extremely insightful webinar, Cloud-Based Software Licensing: Enabling Operational Efficiency, D…

By: Peter Bernstein | 6/7/2016

What Adoption of Software Business Models Means for Device Vendors and Software Providers
Here is a question for readers. "Do you believe that next generation value creation and the ability to establish and sustain differentiated competitiv…

By: Peter Bernstein | 6/3/2016

Why Software as a Service? Let Me Explain
With SaaS, of course, customers pay for software via a subscription according to use instead of making a one-off purchase. Instead of installing the s…

By: Special Guest | 5/25/2016

Microservices, Agility, DevOps: Three Keys for Mobile Success
With tech-forward Millennials now comprising the bulk of the U.S. workforce-having surpassed generation X-we can only anticipate demands for evolving …

By: Special Guest | 5/11/2016

Cloud Billing for Enterprises Moving Center Stage for Monetizing the 'Now' Economy
This all started with the realization that digitization of content along with the Internet was going to make real-time the only time when it came to b…

By: Peter Bernstein | 5/10/2016

Five Things IT Managers Should Look For In A Web-based App
Keeping the network free of unauthorized software has always been a challenge. Software inventory and management tools are often helpful in holding ba…

By: Special Guest | 5/5/2016