Got Data? Virtusa Has You Covered

Got Data? Virtusa Has You Covered

By Maurice Nagle, TMCnet Web Editor  |  August 06, 2015

Virtusa is a global consulting and outsourcing company with over 9,000 team members and offices around the globe, and something they do very well is manage big data. And, as people move from premises-based deployments to the cloud it addresses monetization options for one’s data.

Recently, Virtusa’s Head of Enterprise Information Kumar Ramamurthy sat down with TMC (News - Alert) to talk cloud, Virtusa and a taste of what the future may hold.

Ramamurthy notes that one of the biggest functions Virtusa performs is the data business, and that entails doing lot of big data work.  People are moving from on-premises to the cloud and there’s a lot of convergence in that people are moving systems to handle data monetization.

Hadoop as a service is growing in popularity. Developers have tinkered and toyed around enough that today’s offerings can be leveraged with reliability in SLAs and can probably be done on-premises with the utilization of expertise. It becomes a viable option, allowing people to focus on business outcomes instead of technology.

The Hadoop market itself is quite saturated and fragmented making it difficult for firms to distinguish between offerings and select the solution with the best fit. And, Ramamurthy notes, “What we are seeing happening is a lot of people using Hadoop on premises will be the next generation of cloud users.” People will make the switch to the cloud for its simplicity.

According to Ramamurthy, “By 2020, the U.S. market is poised to be the biggest in the world,” and the amount of data being derived from the heavily hyped IoT should prove to be quite a disruption.

Ramamurthy illustrates the number of connected devices is not a “probabilistic number.” This number is so high the IoT requires a certain level of agility to be prepared for the incoming data barrage.

Virtusa is different, as it works with AWS and “one of the biggest things we do is break this notion of fragmentation, and use pragmatic consultations…create a product strategy and figure out how to reach the end vision,” Ramamurthy stated.

He explained that Virtusa is always looking at market to leverage innovation and it can’t get too close to any particular vendor. This agnostic approach allows them to create a game plan first, and execute the selection of a tool at the end of the process ensuring a good fit.

While the future is always fluid, the IoT and cloud will certainly be present, if not front of mind as we move forward. 

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