Streamline Media Group Releases Streamframe Globally

Streamline Media Group Releases Streamframe Globally

By Casey Houser, Contributing Writer  |  August 13, 2015

Streamline Media Group develops its own cloud-based project management platform. Called Streamframe, it has targeted video game developers and has been through a testing phase with thousands of participants. Now it is ready for primetime.

Streamline recently announced that Streamframe has gone public and available for prospective users worldwide. This represents the end of the platform's testing phase and the beginning of its reach into major development projects. Alexander Fernandez, the CEO of Streamline, commented in the announcement that the cloud-based platform will differentiate itself by addressing art, coding, product production, and administrative tasks within a single unit.

“The complexity of game development has moved beyond spreadsheets and one-dimensional systems”, Fernandez said. “Teams today need a unified development platform that brings together art, code, production and administration into one place so that they can have a holistic view of their project and its effect upon the organization. Streamframe does just that while also tracking all the individual changes taking place during the course of development.”

It is that ability to control individual segments of development while keeping an eye on the big picture that can set Streamframe apart. Developers run into big questions such as, “What is the current state of overall development?” In Streamframe, they should be able to answer that in two ways. First, they can see the overall progress of a project and see if, for instance, it is beyond 50 percent complete. Then they can find out which individual elements are near completion, such as art creation, and which others still have some work, such as coding.

Administrators can keep track of which teams are making the most progress and can adjust schedules to meet the needs of project segments that may be struggling. Both admins and project teams can log in to the online Streamframe interface to see all elements of a project's status. The dashboard displays all active projects and associated clients. And clients can see project development from their own Streamframe Client logins.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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