NaviSite Launches Onboarding Service for Migration to Cloud

NaviSite Launches Onboarding Service for Migration to Cloud

By Casey Houser, Contributing Writer  |  September 03, 2015

For enterprises, moving to cloud-based applications and hardware can be a hassle. It takes a lot of planning beforehand to decide exactly which applications will make the shift and how that will affect productivity at home. This is the impetus behind NaviSite (News - Alert)'s latest launch—an onboarding service for businesses called NaviCloud Director platform intended for management of workloads.

NaviCloud Director makes use of a VMware-supported  infrastructure-as-a-service platform that handles workload management in the cloud. The migration program helps enterprises break down the complexity of migration by way of structured online and in-person services. Chris Patterson, the senior director of product management at NaviSite, noted that businesses are increasingly finding the cloud attractive and that these onboarding services are meant to make migration simple.

“More and more businesses are starting to look toward the cloud as a way to manage complex IT workloads and also reduce the time and cost spent on infrastructure management,” Patterson said. “The migration from a physical to virtual environment can be challenging and if done incorrectly can become an overwhelming and costly process. Our new onboarding services are designed with the purpose of helping our clients to seamlessly migrate to the NaviCloud platform and to take full advantage of all our support offerings to optimize their cloud experience.”

The various onboarding services are broken down into self-service, guided cloud onboarding, and managed cloud migration—each with their own levels of personalized support.

Self-service Onboarding leaves most of the control in the hands of business clients. IT admins can make use of downloadable tutorials and educational resources to pad their already-extensive knowledge. This option is best for those companies which already have a strong confidence in IT tasks but who need a little help making the jump to the cloud.

The next step, Guided Cloud Onboarding, offers such educational materials alongside support from NaviSite associates who can answer specific questions regarding any individual business's situation. This option could be good for enterprises that have had experience with cloud migration in the past but have also had some troubles with specific situations and need personalized support.

Finally, Managed Cloud Migration takes personalized support to the utmost level by offering businesses complete NaviSite managed care. This option takes care of clients that do not have the time to complete their own migration or who lack the expertise to complete such a move. Experienced NaviSite associates will handle the entire process.

NaviSite indicated that these services cater to a majority of business that have reported struggles with knowledge of migration and a lack of proper tools to finish these processes. Many businesses have also reported hardship with maintaining service levels during times of migration. The onboarding services offered here should help solve those problems and make migration easier for everyone involved.

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