Dimension Data and EMC Partner on Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Dimension Data and EMC Partner on Hybrid Cloud Solutions

By Oliver VanDervoort, Contributing Writer  |  September 22, 2015

There is very little doubt that working through the cloud is only getting more popular the further we move into the 21st century. This is underlined by the recent announcement by cloud computing firms Dimension Data and EMC (News - Alert) that they are expanding their partnership and creating a new organization called the Catalyst Alliance. The Catalyst Alliance has been announced as a way for the two firms to work together in order to speed the adoption of hybrid cloud as a platform for small and mid-sized enterprises.

"Partnerships like Dimension Data (News - Alert) and EMC's Catalyst Alliance that facilitate companies' cloud time-to-value while reducing the risk of disruption in IT operations will help companies move from beyond simply having a hybrid set of clouds to enacting a sound, diversified cloud strategy," Rick Villars, Vice President of Datacenter & Cloud Research at IDC (News - Alert) recently said in the company release.

The organizations that are adopting this kind of technology are not limited to a business climate. The federal government has long understood that working through the cloud can make dealing with issues that much easier. As long as these solutions are able to pass security protocols—a subject recently reported on in a sponsored news channel from Interactive Intelligence (News - Alert)—government entities are snatching up cloud solutions as fast as everyone else.

The partnership between Dimension Data and EMC is planned as a way for the two firms to bring comprehensive solutions that work through public and private cloud on- or off-premises. The firms say that there are going to be flexible consumption-based pricing tiers that will be based on storage size, cloud and managed services asked for and just how much support is needed from a sales, technical and marketing aspect. The companies say that a dedicated team will work to align client workloads with applications that will help those clients in the best way possible. This makes the solutions offered quite scalable for the enterprise.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino
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