Citrix Sees Software-Based Future

Citrix Sees Software-Based Future

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor  |  November 17, 2015

Virtualization is a growing movement in the networking arena. Firms are trading in legacy hardware of the past for more agile and cost effective software solutions. One firm in particular making waves in the software revolution is Citrix (News - Alert), a company that specializes in server application and desktop virtualization as well as networking, software as a service and cloud computing technologies.

To discuss some of the trends coming to fruition, Citrix VP and GM Chalan Aras Ph.D. sat down with TMC (News - Alert) at Editor’s Day Silicon Valley. In terms of broad trends, Aras noted the data center is moving to a more DevOps approach to networking, which for Citrix was the impetus for its Netscaler solution—the firm recently announced its compatibility with open stack.

In terms of networking, Aras echoed what the industry has been saying for some time; the need for access to apps and collaboration regardless of location. He explained that Citrix is an active participant in defining SD Wan to create simplification and increase adoption.

Additionally, with security being paramount in today’s enterprise Citrix is committed to security “across the board,” as it is one of its key foundations.

The future according to Aras is “software, software, software.” Many of Citrix and the competition’s offerings are shipped in hardware today, but over time NFV and software-based solutions will take over.  Looking at Saas, software-based offerings provide secure, reliable and transparent networking—and, as the old song goes, “We’ve only just begun.”

Aras explains in the future, “We will need an ‘appfluent’ network.” He continued, “It’s not just throwing bits and Bytes,” but instead he suggest a greater level of network understanding is necessary at both the development and implementation level.

Today, Citrix is developing apps for tomorrow. The self proclaimed, “Only company to combine network and applications,” is able to learn from its development process and ensure optimal app delivery and offer the best of both worlds in its integrated offerings.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere