CodeLathe Delivers Scale, Speed, and Reliable File Sharing with Microsoft Azure

CodeLathe Delivers Scale, Speed, and Reliable File Sharing with Microsoft Azure

By John Casaretto, Contributing Writer  |  December 28, 2015

Enterprise file sharing is a field of technology that has many different varieties and integrations. CodeLathe has announced their own approach to the vast enterprise market with an integration between its FileCloud product and Microsoft (News - Alert)'s Azure infrastructure. The combined product allows for high availability, redundant, sync, and scalable access to files without a need for a complicated setup. The system is designed to start out hand in hand with business and it allows for growth as users and workloads are added over time. FileCloud integration with Microsoft Azure File Storage is designed to simplify the hosting of FileCloud on Microsoft Azure. The robust features help meet the demands of data redundancy and other significant requirements put into place by modern enterprises. 

The technology utilizes standard SMB protocol, which is high supported and evolved on the Azure platform into several standards. The result is a high quality, high speed, and highly reliable system that is flexible and easy to deploy. These are some of the main characteristics that go into a successful enterprise product, particularly when it comes to scale and management.

In its press release, FileCloud also claims that its product is different from its competitors in three major areas:

  • Complete Control: Ability to deploy on-premise or on cloud; offers total control over user access and hosted files.
  • Extreme Customization: Unparalleled branding and customization options to broadcast the organization brand.
  • Superior Value: Create value for customers by providing simple pricing, product innovation and fanatical customer support.

The combination is a compelling product that integrates the best of both names. The Microsoft Azure ecosystem has been growing by leaps and bounds as the company has progressively leveraged their massive footprint in the business world into its cloud operations. File sharing and storage are major pain points for many growing companies and cloud-based solutions that are designed to fill the gap have tremendous value in an eager market.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere