Faction Partners with Level 3 For Secure Cloud Connections

Faction Partners with Level 3 For Secure Cloud Connections

By Casey Houser, Contributing Writer  |  January 12, 2016

Faction offers its enterprise clients cloud-based infrastructure that come through channel partners as private, public, and hybrid style connections. In order to boost the efficacy of these connections, Faction recently partnered with Level 3 and will bring the Level 3 Cloud Connection Solution to three Faction cloud nodes in the U.S.

The Level 3 Cloud Connection Solution will now make its way to Chicago, Denver, and New York/New Jersey data centers and will give clients the opportunity to use its secure connection through the Faction Layer 2 Direct Connect service. Luke Norris, the CEO of Faction, commented that this partnership is particularly well-suited to the needs of service providers.

“Faction is the de facto standard for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, which makes it extremely suited for service providers,” Norris said. “Our hybrid mentality is one of the reasons we selected Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions, as we can easily deliver mission critical applications between customer premise and among multiple cloud locations quickly and reliably. Most importantly, we can provide improved security and flexibility to our customer ecosystem.”

Norris points out some of the benefits that all its clients can expect to receive by taking advantage of a Level 3 connection. When they directly link their own networks to the Faction cloud through Layer 2 Direct Connect, clients can expect that their connections will remain secure and that any changes they want to make to their networks will not be met with hostility by the cloud connection itself.

With Level 3, clients will receive a secure connection to the Faction cloud so they can manage and deliver applications from that cloud. They will only need to pay for the bandwidth they use; that way, when the need to scale to reach more customers, they will not need to worry about the cloud connection bogging down.

Faction uses VMware vCenter to give its clients control over their private clouds. It also offers NetApp backup security to ensure that storage volumes will have a backup and that their data will be available after any computing disaster. Reservation of computing power can supplement each cloud node’s base of 10 Mbps speed with burst of extra bandwidth. The addition of Level 3 connections should only serve to improve this solid product.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere