Wheelings & Dealings: MiMedia Gains $15 Million in Series C

Wheelings & Dealings: MiMedia Gains $15 Million in Series C

By Casey Houser, Contributing Writer  |  January 18, 2016

MiMedia, a startup bent on creating the “next generation personal cloud” for all its customers digital media, has announced it latest round of seed funding.

Series C just brought in $15 million to bring the company’s total funding-to-date to $35 million. Four primary investors, Thorney Investment Group, Whitebarn Associates, R&R Venture Partners, and Micromax Informatics (News - Alert) all played a key part in this round. Their contributions will reportedly allow MiMedia to first continue to expand its platform by reaching new customers; it can then seek new management for additional departments; then it will begin to partner with other tech, media, and telecom companies across the world.

Company CEO Chris Giordano commented briefly on MiMedia’s earnings and what he hopes the future will look like.

“We are looking forward to taking MiMedia to the next level, expanding its reach and capabilities,” Giordano said. “In an effort to organize our digital lives from anywhere, on any device, we have built the best in market personal cloud. With proceeds from this round, we will be adding new and exciting features that create even richer experiences as well as launch other global partnerships to broaden MiMedia’s reach to new audiences.”

Taken together, it is easy to get lost in the possible months and years ahead. But the present already holds some impressive features. MiMedia currently works on Mac and Windows desktops through an uploading program native to those operating systems. Mobile users, Android (News - Alert) and iOS, can also upload their files to the MiMedia cloud and sharing files through their own MiDrives to connect with friends and family. The online service is also accessible through any Web browser.

MiMedia says its wants to help consumers create personal connections between users and “turn visual moments into meaningful, personal, and lasting stories.” MiDrives, the heart of this endeavor, gives users a secure connection to their own files that they are free to share with anyone they please but not obligated to share with the entire Internet. Given that the service works on so many devices through native interfaces and Web browsers, there doesn’t seem to be much more MiMedia can carve out in that area. However, partnerships with major telecoms could increase the scope of its mobile and desktop applications for default inclusion on future releases of smartphones, tablets, personal PCs, etc. The coming year will be exciting to follow as these funds get put to good use and consumers find out exactly what the next generation cloud can bring.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere