Unisys Eases Cloud Migrations and Workloads on AWS

Unisys Eases Cloud Migrations and Workloads on AWS

By John Casaretto, Contributing Writer  |  January 21, 2016

It isn’t hard to find companies migrating to the cloud. And those migrations are filled with questions, concerns, demands, and the need for expertise. Entire conferences, like the upcoming ITEXPO, devote full panels to the topic. One of the top concerns in any migration is security. Unisys (News - Alert) has emerged with an enterprise security product called Unisys Stealth that utilizes micro-segmentation security on the Amazon Web Services (News - Alert) (AWS) cloud and features migration elements.

By leveraging a specialized platform, the company will now be providing advanced security for AWS customers and those that wish to come onto the service. Unisys is implementing its technology down to the packet level and this eliminates the need for customers to implement any firewall, application changes, or new hardware in the procurement of the services. This granular segmentation allows for the integration of supply chain partners to finite elements of workloads with the assurance of security overriding all.

The development could be significant. Widely accepted industry reports indicate that a majority of large enterprises are either already using the public cloud or a hybrid technology for computing needs. In the past, many IT professionals had regarded public clouds to be insufficient in terms of reliability, security, and safety. Thanks to services such as Unisys, that perception has shifted, especially when it comes to major workloads. One of the most popular workloads in the cloud is big data and in hybrid cloud environments, big data is a natural partner. With the flexible infrastructure and technology of hybrid clouds, big data analysis can be completed on demand and it can immediately allow access to users of information. Additionally, data can also be collected and distributed on a flexible, programmable, and on-demand basis.

Security is a critical element to cloud propositions. Transparency is a valued aspect of any public or private cloud, especially when it comes to security and compliance. How a business supports and enables security and compliance standards is critical to the success of a cloud-based workload deployment. By introducing a flexible, powerful, and manageable enterprise security product, Unisys Is working with enterprise to deliver on business and information technology challenges that face the industry today. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere