StorageCraft Promotion Offers $100 Credit for New Cloud-based Machines

StorageCraft Promotion Offers $100 Credit for New Cloud-based Machines

By Casey Houser, Contributing Writer  |  February 03, 2016

StorageCraft, a provider of cloud based disaster recovery services, has announced a new offer that will extend through March where clients can receive $100 toward every new machine they add to the Cloud Services recovery system.

The service provider’s cloud storage was created with disaster recovery in mind, so clients can expect that it will function well for that purpose. This new offer of gaining a $100 credit will reportedly introduce new clients to the cloud-based storage that can give them access to company files at a moment’s notice. Scott Barnes, the chief technology officer at StorageCraft, commented that his company has developed a solid relationship with enterprise clients through quick access and reliable service.

“StorageCraft Cloud Services is one of the most trusted backup and disaster recovery solutions on the market today because of its speed and reliability,” Barnes said. “This special offer provides managed service providers and their clients a risk-free opportunity to receive peace of mind knowing they can easily access their desired recovery point and recovery time objectives with a free credit head start if disaster recovery is ever needed.”

This latest offer should not mean to shine as a gimmick. Instead, it can stand strong alongside other recent company achievements such as its investment gain from TA Associates and the latest version release of its remote data management and monitoring software, ShadowControl.

TA Associates’ investment is expected to launch the disaster recovery provider’s goal of expanding into Australia and Europe. Those funds may also become essential to the development of enhancements to ShadowProtect, which provides data recovery on Linux and Windows virtual machines.

Likewise, Cloud Services offers virtualization and networking of cloud-based data. Admins can access their files at any time and report to StorageCraft customer support teams with any issues they may encounter. Its three tiers of Cloud Basic, Cloud+, and Cloud Premium give enterprises the levels of control that best suits their business models without trying to overstep their budgets. Any new clients can look for the $100 credit until March 31 of this year.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere