Zentera Systems' CoIP Now Available on CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace

Zentera Systems' CoIP Now Available on CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace

By Rory Lidstone, Contributing Writer  |  February 11, 2016

Zentera Systems, provider of cross-cloud session network solutions, this week announced that it will participate in the CenturyLink (News - Alert) Cloud Marketplace Provider Program. Being included in the program means Zentera is able to offer its Cloud over IP (CoIP) session network solution to businesses by way of the CenturyLink Cloud platform.

"Zentera was cited by Gartner (News - Alert) in its How to Optimize Your Enterprise Network for Hybrid Cloud Report," said Mike Loftus, vice president of Marketing for Zentera Systems. "Our CoIP platform is the next-generation virtual network that supports hybrid networking, unified security policies and virtualization management across the emerging cloud ecosystem."

CoIP is a relatively new offering from Zentera, which was debuted to the cloud ecosystem community in October. The service provides enterprise-grade security that spans across cloud data center administrations, leveraging but not changing the underlying IP network.

Able to be put in place within hours, CoIP presents a single virtual network to applications, making it appear as if all resources were deployed in one corporate network. It can connected corporate data centers to public and private clouds, enable on-demand networking for cloud computing bursts, and support rapid data center network migration—all while allowing existing corporate authentication to operate across cloud domains. The result is that applications and data deployed in on-premises environments and the public cloud are secured from potential threats.

The CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace Provider Program, meanwhile, enables participating technology companies to integrate their solutions with the CenturyLink Cloud platform. These solutions, whether add-on or business ready, are made easily available to CenturyLink’s cloud, hosting and network customers.

"At CenturyLink, we sit at the heart of enterprise networking and cloud-based applications. It's an amazing time for software-defined network innovation, and Zentera is an example of agile network management technology that business customers can incorporate into their hybrid cloud architecture," said David Shacochis, vice president of Cloud Platform at CenturyLink.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere