Arbor Networks Creates New Flexible Licenses

Arbor Networks Creates New Flexible Licenses

By Casey Houser, Contributing Writer  |  March 31, 2016

Arbor Networks (News - Alert), a developer of network analysis software that helps enterprise clients detect attacks and threats, recently announced three Flexible Licensing options for cloud-based deployments of the Arbor Networks SP network visibility application.

The three new licenses – Flex Site for a one-time fee to upgrade all appliances, Flex Purchase for buying licenses perpetually as needed, and Flex Subscription for leasing licenses as needed – try to meet the needs of large businesses that may focus on either capital expenditures or operational expenditures as their predictors of company growth. Arbor Networks President Matthew Moynahan spoke about his firm’s goal to provide flexibility and responsiveness in these new licenses.

“We strive to ‘think like our customers’ when it comes to all aspects of deploying and using our technology,” Moynahan said. “With these new SP Flex options, we’re providing them with more flexible growth options, increasing their operational agility, and lowering their total cost of ownership while delivering industry-leading innovation around network visibility.”

Arbor noted in its announcement that enterprise clients have the option to use Flex licenses as part of a 100 percent virtual infrastructure or as part of a hybrid model that may connect with on-site or mobile company hardware. For businesses that want control over a large set of cloud-based applications, the first type of installation may work well for them. A hybrid license package, however, could lead to better monitoring of company hardware and employee-facing devices, including those devices part of a bring-your-own-device style mobile practice.

The Flex Site license allows enterprises to pay a single fee for a license based on their current or projected network growth. Clients then only pay maintenance costs to keep that license active across and indefinite period.

Flex Purchase gives enterprises the choice to purchase licenses as needed. They also will pay for maintenance as they move forward. Both this option and the Flex Site option, Arbor said, can work well for companies that experience a lot of growth and those focused on capital expenditures.

Finally, the Flex Subscription packages allows for leasing of licenses as part of an annual subscription. Maintenance fees stay included in that subscription. This package means to work best for companies that focus on operational expenses and that may experience unpredictable growth.

As Arbor continues to think like its customers, its customers may begin to witness the advantage of these licensing models. Each one caters to a specific type of operation and will try to have a positive impact in situations of both steady and volatile growth.

Edited by Maurice Nagle