Barracuda Announces Two New Backup Appliances, Pricing Updates

Barracuda Announces Two New Backup Appliances, Pricing Updates

By Casey Houser, Contributing Writer  |  April 08, 2016

Barracuda recently announced that it has launched two new recovery hardware units, updated its virtual backup software, and changed the pricing options for it cloud-based recovery software.

For those clients that wish to continue or get started with on-site recovery, they can now add the Backup 790 and 895 hardware to their list of options. On the other hand, if they want to get involved with virtual computing and cloud backup, they can now choose the Backup Vx software that runs as a virtual machine for $599 a socket or adopt a Cloud Backup plan, which work with Backup Vx, for $799 per terabyte.

Rod Mathews, the general manager of storage at Barracuda, commented that the price changes and creation of new hardware represents his company’s commitment to making high-quality backup systems easy to use.

“Many businesses deploying backup software for virtualization are forced to deal with the headaches of licensing, deploying, and maintaining a ‘build-it-yourself’ solution with multiple point products,” Mathews began. “Barracuda Backup Vx delivers the same integrated functionality and quick setup experience as Barracuda physical appliances.

“Today’s announcement reinforces our commitment to helping customers simplify their data protection needs,” he continued.

In addition to those options, Barracuda has also announced new pricing for its Cloud-to-Cloud Backup software that handles the transfer of data from one client’s cloud to another. It provides the automation and necessary coverage businesses will need to make sure their remote assets are duplicated and can withstand downtime at any single location. Pricing for this option begins at $20 a year and, for an additional fee, can include targeted services such as the Essentials for Office 365 Complete Protection, which offer backup, archiving, and email protection in a format that works well for Microsoft (News - Alert) Office 365 users.

Not all businesses wish to send every asset to the cloud. For those dedicated to local storage, they can gain 12 terabytes of capacity in the new Backup 790 and 24 terabytes of capacity in the Backup 859. Either one can give clients the piece of mind in knowing that their data has a secure home outside of local desktop and mobile devices.

Clients can also manage their local and cloud storage in a hybrid environment that utilizes both. Backup Vx software can remain useful in any case that involves storage at home, storage in the cloud, or a mix of each type that works best for all a client’s demands.

Edited by Maurice Nagle