Quali Sandbox Helps Businesses Get to Market Faster

Quali Sandbox Helps Businesses Get to Market Faster

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  November 22, 2016

The digital transformation is underway. Business is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. And organizations that can quickly bring high quality solutions to market are more likely to survive and thrive than their slower brethren.

Quali provides businesses with the ability to standardize production environments so they can expedite their time to market. The company’s flagship product, called CloudShell, allows users to test how their applications will perform in production environments. CloudShell can replicate an entire environment from Layer 0 through 7, says Quali CMO Shashi Kiran, who I met with last week at TMC (News - Alert) Editors’ Day in Santa Clara, Calif.

This open source solution can model physical or virtual environments, on premises or in the public cloud. Today it supports AWS, bare metal, and VMware. Starting in January it will support Microsoft Azure and OpenStack. Quali expects to add support for Google’s (News - Alert) cloud platform later on.

Cisco Devnet, the networking giant’s developer community, runs on CloudShell. But some companies elect to leverage CloudShell within their labs to do things like bug troubleshooting, Kiran says. The Quali solution can also be used to replicate and find the source and solutions to security challenges.

CloudShell users can make available the whole of their data center or lab, or their entire infrastructure, and offer it as a service. And they can lock that down for any amount of time they choose.

Gartner (News - Alert) talks about bimodal IT, which includes legacy infrastructure and processes, and newer constructs like DevOps and shadow IT, says Kiran says. Quali helps businesses move from mode one to mode two more quickly, he says, by providing a bridge to get there.

 “As enterprises shift to a cloud-first model, one of the biggest challenges is in bridging the operating models of old world IT with the new,” says William Fellows, vice president of research and founder of the 451 Research (News - Alert) Group. “Companies that want to do cloud must embrace DevOps. Quali’s Hybrid cloud sandboxes with public cloud support for providers like Amazon Web Services (News - Alert) can be a very powerful tool to accelerate cloud adoption with reduced risk and lower cost. It’s a DevOps-friendly way to reduce hybrid cloud speed bumps.” 

Edited by Alicia Young