Actiance Adds Vantage to Microsoft Azure

Actiance Adds Vantage to Microsoft Azure

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer  |  March 13, 2017

Back when the cloud was first getting started, there were plenty of people who thought it was stupid to the point of derangement to take a company's valuable proprietary information and put it out on what amounted to an adjunct of the Web. It was begging to be stolen, some noted, with a grim sort of horror that was commonly reserved for someone walking blindfolded toward a cliff edge. However, the growth of cloud security has shown us all what the cloud can really—and safely—do, and Actiance is doing its part by connecting its Actiance Vantage system to Microsoft (News - Alert) Azure.

With the new connection, reports note, users can now host Vantage on Azure, a move that will allow Actiance customers to stay compliant with applicable regulations regarding cloud security. Plus, users can take advantage of the full range of solutions presented by the Azure cloud platform. This allows for a properly secured solution that can deliver a range of values thanks to access to systems like SharePoint, One Drive for Business, and several others.

Plus, users can also engage in deploying private cloud systems, which helps offer extra control of data movement. That can further serve as a protective measure, as it can help prevent data from going into sources and locations it shouldn't. Since Vantage is now available as part of Azure, Vantage users can maintain a current on-premises implementation, or instead deploy Vantage to Azure directly. Users can control as many as 80 separate communications channels with the system, giving it the ability to work well in most any situation.

Actiance's senior vice president for business development Barry Ruditsky noted, “As customers move to the cloud, they need all the security and compliance features Vantage, a certified Skype (News - Alert) for Business solution, provides. The availability of Actiance Vantage on Microsoft Azure helps accelerate cloud initiatives for our joint customers, and gives them a simplified way to ensure compliant communications across the Microsoft cloud.”

Since Azure is a rapidly-growing component of everyday operations, being able to add a protective measure to its work is important to make sure that the information that goes on or through the cloud is only seen by those who should see it.  Actiance's systems provide a lot of extra help on this front, and thus make the cloud more viable for overall use.

With the cloud itself increasingly popular, and Azure proving a valuable tool to have on hand, Vantage's addition only makes a good thing better. That will be welcome news to Azure users, and prove a valuable feather in Actiance's cap as well.

Edited by Alicia Young