Zang Cloud Gives BBB Extra Firepower

Zang Cloud Gives BBB Extra Firepower

By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer  |  April 06, 2017

For many people out there, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is still a major go-to source for information about companies with which people would like to do business. Thus, the BBB is constantly under the gun to make information more accessible and available for users to reach. That led the BBB of Los Angeles and Silicon Valley to develop BBB now, a system that taps the Zang Cloud in order to bring information more quickly and more readily to users.

With the Zang Cloud—Zang is actually an Avaya (News - Alert) company—BBB now can offer its users access to a text messaging system that allows for contact between both businesses and potential customers. Given that projections put smartphones in the pockets of 91 percent of consumers worldwide by the end of 2020 alone, such a move will likely prove vital toward keeping users connected to businesses.

Reports note that customers today expect real-time responses to questions and concerns, and may well jump ship for businesses that do provide materials to suit those expectations. With BBB now, however, it's that much easier to prevent such a fate as users can just make that connection right from an app. From several apps, actually; it can not only be used with an iOS or Android app, but it can also be used with Facebook (News - Alert) Messenger or even with short message service (SMS) texting.

This won't be the first such rollout; reports suggest Fresno, Hawaii and the San Francisco Bay Area are all in line to get BBB now systems in short order, and other areas will likely follow suit not long after. Since Zang Cloud Messaging—part of the Zang Cloud—offers a slate of tools to ensure messages get where they need to be, and businesses will get tools geared toward managing those messages on several fronts, it helps make sure it's as easy to send that text as it is to receive and handle it from there.

Making it easy for customers to get in touch with a business makes it more likely that those customers will ultimately stay in touch, that is, return to do business another day. That's vital for businesses even considering the long-term, and so we see how something like the Zang Cloud-powered BBB now system could be vital to keeping the BBB afloat. In some areas, the BBB is considered a badly outmoded tool, beaten by first-hand social media reports and influencer commentary.

A tool like BBB now, however, may serve to give the BBB new relevance in a new mobile-friendly society. That's going to likely be a big help going forward, as businesses do all they can to secure a customer base and try desperately to add to it.

Edited by Alicia Young