Relationship Goals: Rivetz and Cognida Partner to Make The Internet Better

Relationship Goals: Rivetz and Cognida Partner to Make The Internet Better

By Special Guest
Arti Visana
  |  June 19, 2018

Rivetz is out to make the Internet easier to use and more secure putting control into the hands of the people or organizations whose data traverses the world’s largest and most resilient network.

A noble goal, with a lot of companies chasing that same goal - so what makes their approach different?

Rivetz has been actively building its capabilities through acquisitions of other tech companies, in what looks more like its own evolving ecosystem than a consolidation play in the blockchain arena, where runaway growth and no shortage of hype is creating the “perfect storm” of fragmentation making consolidation an inevitability.

But for now, Rivetz is literally “riveting together” more and more internal capabilities. For example, earlier this month the company announced their acquisition of DISC Holdings, a U.K. developer of a blockchain-powered digital asset platform, rendering a solution for modern payments using the innovations of the blockchain.

“One of the key aspects of the DISC acquisition is to demonstrate what it means to have world-class hardware security for e-commerce and blockchain based protection of digital assets all in a mobile consumer application,” founder and CEO Steven Sprague wrote. “We want to give people simple and secure control over their money and their digital assets?—?especially those people who don’t have a bank account. We think that’s a natural platform to support the new challenges for retail use of utility tokens and access to cryptocurrency.”

Another noble goal, moving along the opportunity to provide a secure payments system for the unbanked.

In an even earlier partnership announcement with Ammbr, a decentralized mesh network tokenizing broadband Internet access, Rivetz said they are working together “to integrate and promote advanced multifactor authentication and the use of the Rivetz Trust framework to build out Ammbr’s identity and authentication platform.”

In addition, Ammbr and Rivetz are developing a decentralized exchange that would let people pay for Ammbr services with RvT tokens (the Rivet token which cryptographically assures the security and health of user devices and TEE, from the manufacturer to the end-user).

Today’s announcement with Cognida, a new network and platform for multi-blockchain management designed for large enterprises, signals another step towards improving the Internet with overlay technology that synchs up nicely with Rivetz’ vision for growing their decentralized & hardware-based cybersecurity ecosystem.

Cognida will leverage the Rivetz technology to provide the Cognida enterprise customer with additional options for securing their private keys utilizing Rivetz’s access to the Trusted Execution Environment (“TEE”) private “vault” inside the hardware in millions of mobile devices.

Rivetz, on the other hand, will offer its customers more secure and seamless access to blockchain agnostic security tools.

“By combining the security and data integrity tools available with Rivetz and the Cognida Network, the two companies offer enterprise customers a flexible suite of tools to more easily secure identities and administer data permissions,” said Michael Hathaway, Co-Founder & CEO of Windmill Enterprise.

Rivetz supports advanced security capabilities that provide owners with account-enhanced protection, assuring integrity of messaging and applications.

Their technology provides verifiable security controls for blockchain transactions. The Rivetz solution leverages technology that is already built in to hundreds of millions of mobile devices to assure the keys and transactions cannot be altered or stolen by malware infecting the operating system.

"Enterprises face the daunting challenge authenticating thousands of users in a plethora of environments and granting them the appropriate access to information," said Steven Sprague, CEO of Rivetz. “By joining forces with Windmill, we offer enterprises an easy-to-use solution that leverages the powerful cybersecurity capabilities of both TEE and the blockchain.”

The Cognida Network, still in “preview mode,” is expected to go live July 20th.

The Cognida Network and its open source platform will enable enterprises to enforce their security and access permissions policies on connected devices, systems and shared information using blockchain agnostic technology. Cognida’s technology was developed by Windmill Enterprises and is being contributed to the Cognida Foundation, a US-based, non-profit organization that will be governed by its members.

Edited by Maurice Nagle