[February 23, 2005]

Become a Global Telephone Company, in an Hour With Didx.org

On the day of Internet Telephony Conference in Miami Florida by TMC http://www.tmcnet.com/voip/conference/m05/ , Super Technologies Inc DBA Super Phone, a Pensacola, Florida based Next Generation Telephone Service Provider has announce the alpha release of Didx.org , which is a global DID/DDI Numbering Market Place.

DidX.org will allow any and all internet based or conventional telephone service providers to offer Nationwide and Global telephone services, no matter where in the world they are.

DidX.org will take all the extra inventory from all the global telephone service providers, and will provide them a marketplace to sell or exchange there did numbers.

DidX will also give them the web interface and a software to allow them to offer all the millions of didx stock phone numbers in hand. What this will do is make any small local telecom look like a huge international phone company like AT&T or SBC.

Currently DidX.org is a Here to serve the new nextgen telephone companies as well as old giants.

”I think it is a GREAT idea. Wish I would have thought of it.” Ken Davis, CTO, International Telecom Ltd.

About Super Technologies Inc:
Super Technologies Inc was incorporates in 1999 in the state of Delaware. They started off with the idea of virtualphoneline.com on offering a IP based phone number on a hardware device, and were the first one to do so before even the new Vonage revolution started.

Super Technologies with corporate web site on www.supertec.com Other products include, hosted pbx on www.ip-pabx.com , physical pbx on www.superpbx.net broadband telephony service on www.superphoneunlimited.com pc to phone services on www.phoneopia.com , global did’s providing services on www.virtualphoneline.com
For More Information please contact
Rehan Ahmed
Director Business Development
Super Technologies Inc.
www.supertec.com www.didx.org www.virtualphoneline.com www.superphoneunlimited.com

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