Being Prepared for the Next Workforce Disruption: Returning to the Office

Success is about the user experience. It means providing the network connectivity and services employees need to be efficient and productive, without suffering outages or slowdowns.

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Reinventing the Customer Service Model Using Bots and Brains
Digital disruption is revolutionizing industries across the globe, and customer service is no exception. According to Gartner, "By 2020, 85 percent of…

By: Special Guest | 1/16/2018

PodOne Revolutionizing 2018
PodOne is on its way to making 2018 a revolutionary year, starting by launching Qubicle ICO this week. Additionally, the company announced former Alpi…

By: Mandi Nowitz | 1/16/2018

Biz Technology Solutions, Enghouse Interactive Align
Biz Technology Solutions and Enghouse Interactive have joined forces to deliver more complete solutions to small and medium business customers and ent…

By: Paula Bernier | 1/12/2018

New Partnership Puts AI to Work in Contact Center Solutions
This week, Hinduja Global Solutions and Inbenta announced a new partnership where the pairing will augment the HSG CX portfolio via seamless integrati…

By: Maurice Nagle | 1/11/2018

Next-Generation Customer Service Solutions
From customers interested in taking a more active role when doing business to sophisticated tools like big data analytics, allowing for the creation o…

By: Lindsey Patterson | 1/10/2018

Aspect Takes Aim at Channel
Today, Aspect Software, known for its future-forward suite of customer engagement solutions and then some, launched the Aspect Via Reseller Program. I…

By: Maurice Nagle | 1/9/2018

Investment Bank Turns to NICE COMPASS
A global investment bank has tapped NICE to provide its COMPASS Communication Compliance Assurance solution. That is expected to help the organization…

By: Paula Bernier | 1/9/2018

3CLogic, MapAnything Integration Enhances Agent Efficiency
ServiceNow ecosystem partners 3CLogic and MapAnything have integrated their respective offerings to allow for greater call center agent productivity. …

By: Paula Bernier | 1/5/2018

Lazada Leans on Aspect Software for Customer Engagement
Alibaba-owned Lazada selected Aspect Software as its trusted partner, with the upcoming deployment of the Aspect Unified IP 7.3 and Aspect Quality Man…

By: Maurice Nagle | 1/4/2018

Why Apple, Aspect Are Keen on India
India has undergone a hugely important digital transformation. And Apple and Aspect Software are among the companies who are there to help move it for…

By: Paula Bernier | 1/4/2018

NICE inContact CXexchange Builds Membership with Brand Embassy Addition
This week, NICE inContact announced the newest member of the CXexchange, Brand Embassy Ltd., with the new addition NICE inContact customers can take f…

By: Maurice Nagle | 1/3/2018

Virtual Assistants Could Generate $7.7B by 2025
Virtual digital assistants are poised to see rapid adoption in the enterprise, according to Tractica. A new report from the company indicates more tha…

By: Paula Bernier | 1/2/2018

Self-service Clear Customer Preference
Despite the desire for direct and personal interaction, cell phones seem to be exempt from the notion. No longer are we rushing to answer phone calls …

By: Mandi Nowitz | 12/29/2017

Bookmycab Offering Better Contact Center Ride
Bookmycab.com is India's ultimate taxi reservation marketplace, government verified and available for download on both Apple and Android. The company …

By: Mandi Nowitz | 12/29/2017

Marketers Need to Consider Contact Centers
Calabrio study discusses rising customer expectations, the lack of necessary tools in many contact centers, and the need for customer experience effor…

By: Paula Bernier | 12/28/2017

Texting Gets Its Groove Back with Enterprise SMS
Short message service (SMS) started making waves in 1994. By the end of 2000, the average person was sending 35 texts per month. SMS was growing expon…

By: Special Guest | 12/19/2017

NICE Unveils Uptivity and Brightstar Partnership
NICE announced the regional launch of NICE Uptivity in India, and in the same breath a new partnership with Brightstar India - a mobile device and IT …

By: Maurice Nagle | 12/19/2017

IDC Canada Highlights Innovation in AI
Today, IDC Canada singled out a handful of Canadian firms developing AI-enabled interaction solutions, labeling Zoom.ai, Flybits, Fluent.ai, finn.ai a…

By: Maurice Nagle | 12/18/2017

Great Wolf Resorts Deploys Interactions IVA
Great Wolf Resorts is deploying Interactions' Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) solution to assist with guest pre-arrival to create the ultimate in…

By: Mandi Nowitz | 12/15/2017

Great Customer Service Breeds Brand Loyalty
IDC and LogMeIn conducted a study and learned what gained brand loyalty: level of customer service.

By: Mandi Nowitz | 12/14/2017

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