Operator Clouds: Safeguard Memories, Grow Revenue and Build Loyalty

Offering additional cloud storage isn't just for companies like Apple or Google. The fact is that telecom operators have distinct advantages over these cloud providers.

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AI Company Earns Avaya Compliance
SmartAction announced that its solutions are now compliant with a number of Avaya's contact center solutions. The provider of AI-powered virtual agent…

By: Maurice Nagle | 11/12/2018

Avaya Makes the A.I.Connect-ion
The Future of Work Expo speaker Jon Alperin of explains how A.I.Connect, Avaya are helping businesses move forward with artificial intelligence-based …

By: Paula Bernier | 11/12/2018

Telarus Sharpen-s Cloud Arsenal
Sharpen Technologies announced an agreement with Master Agent Telarus, which provides Telarus' deep sales pipeline access to Sharpen's unified communi…

By: Maurice Nagle | 11/9/2018

Bloom to Explain Differences in Pricing and Licensing at LicensingLive! 2018
Joshua Bloom of Simon-Kucher & Partners will be at Gemalto's LicensingLive! 2018 next week discussing how businesses can gain competitive advantage by…

By: Paula Bernier | 11/9/2018

Spinning it Up: NetFoundry Goes Azure
NetFoundry announced another integration associated with the transmission of data between any application, any service and any cloud with the release …

By: Cynthia S. Artin | 11/8/2018

Pyze Updates Analytics & Engagement Platform
Pyze has rolled out a new release of its AI-powered cross-platform analytics and engagement platform.

By: Paula Bernier | 11/8/2018

Glassbox Integrates with AWS Machine Learning
An integration between Glassbox and AWS Machine Learning allows Glassbox customers to generate advanced automatic, predictive, and omni-channel insigh…

By: Paula Bernier | 11/7/2018

Avaya Makes Leadership Addition
Avaya announced the addition of Gaurav Passi to the firm's leadership team as President of its cloud business group. Passi's priorities include contin…

By: Maurice Nagle | 11/6/2018

Combining Federated Identity Management with Dynamic Authorization
The virtualization of nearly everything digital is pushing more and more applications, services, storage, and compute to the cloud, now including real…

By: Cynthia S. Artin | 11/6/2018

Balancing AI and Human Needs on Customer Service Teams
When Google CEO Sundar Pichai showcased Google Assistant's ability to call businesses on behalf of their customers using artificial intelligence with …

By: Special Guest | 11/5/2018

From Core to Edge to Experience, EdgeConneX and NetFoundry Connect the Dots
EdgeConneX and NetFoundry announced they are going to market together with an edge computing and communications solution.

By: Cynthia S. Artin | 11/5/2018

Healthcare Company Chooses Fusion for Managed Communications
Fusion announced a leading healthcare company selected Fusion's advanced managed communications solution to support its psychiatric, dependency and be…

By: Maurice Nagle | 11/2/2018

Cockroach Labs Launches Managed CockroachDB: The Geo-Distributed Database as a Service
Typically you don't name your company after insects which make people call an exterminator but Cockroach Labs is a great name for a database which is …

By: Rich Tehrani | 11/1/2018

Telarus Extends Aspect Market Reach
Aspect Software announced Telarus as a global Master Agent channel partner. The Telarus network of subagents provides Aspect access to thousands of co…

By: Maurice Nagle | 11/1/2018

Are Cloud Communications Secure Enough for Mission Critical Government Voice Networks?
We're now more than a decade into advancing cloud computing within the U.S. Federal Government, with mandates to modernize IT infrastructure and appli…

By: Arti Loftus | 11/1/2018

Dynamic Recovery Solutions Deploys Speech Analytics
CallMiner announced Dynamic Recovery Solutions is deploying the CallMiner Coach and Analyze modules to improve operational efficiency and performance.…

By: Maurice Nagle | 10/30/2018

Cloud Communications Week in Review: RingCentral, Fusion, Dimelo & More
The cloud era is upon us, and the dawn of a new day has arrived. Technology is in the midst of a major transformation as a result of cloud computing, …

By: Maurice Nagle | 10/27/2018

Learn How Licensing-as-a-Service Can Ensure BC, Reduce Risk
LicensingLive! 2018 is next month. So if you're interested in learning how software licensing and monetization can enable digital transformation and h…

By: Paula Bernier | 10/26/2018

Fusion Delivers Managed Communications Solution to Midwest School System
Fusion announced a Midwestern school system selected the cloud services provider to support its more than 50 schools and 40,000 students for the next …

By: Maurice Nagle | 10/23/2018

Twilio Flex Forging the Future of Contact Center Solutions
Twilio announced that Twilio Flex is now generally available. The fully programmable cloud contact center platform touts a growing ecosystem as well a…

By: Maurice Nagle | 10/19/2018

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