Alert Logic Launches Solution to Identify Vulnerabilities for AWS Customers

By Michael Guta, TMCnet Contributing Writer  |  August 06, 2015

As of December 2014, Amazon Web Services (News - Alert) (AWS) operated an estimated 1.4 Million servers across 28 availability zones. The early start in the cloud segment has given the company an almost insurmountable lead over its biggest competitors: Google (News - Alert) and Microsoft. This type of dominance has resulted in a large customer base covering virtually every segment. Whether it is individual users, startups or established enterprises, the AWS platform delivers proven cloud services. And for customers running applications on AWS, Alert Logic, a provider of Security-as-a-Service for the cloud, has announced the launch of Alert Logic Cloud Insight, a cloud-native vulnerability and configuration management solution.

Designed for customers running AWS services, Cloud Insight delivers automated, continuous and scalable vulnerability and configuration management.

This new solution provides an integrated view of host and application level vulnerabilities for customers on the AWS Cloud by integrating with the AWS native security features.

"Managing security while maintaining the agility of the cloud is fundamentally different than in any other environment," said Gray Hall, CEO of Alert Logic. "With Alert Logic Cloud Insight we are delivering an innovative solution that gives businesses an added layer of visibility for workloads running on AWS – actionable intelligence to identify and eliminate risk across instances and applications while not slowing the business down."

When any type of vulnerability is detected, Cloud Insight starts implementing proactive remediation steps so customers can get rid of the risks in their deployment. It uses different AWS APIs for auto-discovery capabilities and continuous monitoring. This allows it to identify vulnerabilities, analyze potential impact and create a prioritized remediation plan showing what will be removed with each process.

The APIs include, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), AWS Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM), and AWS CloudTrail.

"Security-as-a-Service solutions built on AWS and designed to complement AWS-native security features enable customers to maintain the highest levels of protection while achieving the agility, elasticity, and cost savings of the AWS Cloud, " said Terry Wise, Vice President, Worldwide Partner Ecosystem, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

By automating the manual processes of traditional security technologies, Cloud Insight ensures its customers will have a continuous remediation-centric approach to protecting their deployments with minimal resources. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino