FlexITy Launches Backup and Recovery Services Based on Asigra Cloud Backup Platform

By Clayton Hamshar, Contributing Writer  |  September 14, 2015

FlexITy, a fast-growing IT service provider, recently announced that it has expanded its managed services portfolio with the addition of backup and recovery services based on the Asigra Cloud Backup platform. Asigra is an established provider of backup and recovery services that maintains a global network of partners—such as the newest addition FlexITy—which deploy these services in public, private and hybrid environments.

Asigra’s platform helps businesses effectively manage and protect their data end-to-end by taking an integrated approach to data protection that consolidates physical, virtual, cloud and mobile computing environments. Because it is based on an agentless architecture, the software can back up data over the network itself without the need to install software agents on backup targets. This robust and efficient set of capabilities is enhanced by a straightforward, user-friendly interface for the occasional time that interaction with the software is actually necessary.

“While features and functionality are important for customers today, pricing is also a sensitive issue,” said John Pigatsiotopoulos, Vice President of Sales at FlexITy. “Asigra has enhanced the value proposition of data protection in several ways that heighten its appeal. Combined with decades of experience, Asigra provides an unbeatable software solution that offers customers the recovery assurance they are looking for.”

Asigra Cloud Backup lowers businesses’ total cost of ownership while reducing recovery time objectives and providing 100 percent recovery assurance, all through a single consolidated repository. The platform operates seamlessly with existing systems and has achieved NIST FIPS 140-2 certification, making it the perfect base for FlexITy’s new backup and recovery services. Furthermore, the software is deployed across nearly 1,000 IT service providers in a range of industries, especially those that are heavily regulated such as financial services and healthcare.

“The transition from on-premise data protection to the cloud is taking place now and IT service providers recognizing this will take an early lead in capitalizing on the opportunity,” said Eran Farajun, Executive Vice President of Asigra. “FlexITy has a successful history in managed services and with Asigra Cloud Backup will expand its role in better serving Canadian organizations today and in the future.”

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino
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