FireLayers and Check Point Partner to Provide Extra Security

By Christopher Mohr, Contributing Writer  |  October 06, 2015

FireLayers and Check Point recently announced the creation of the Extend Perimeter Security (EPS) solution designed to prevent attacks that exploit vulnerabilities from BYOD practices and the growing use of cloud technology in enterprises. EPS is a combination of FireLayers’ Secure Cloud Application Platform and Check Point’s SandBlast Threat Emulation service.

Redwood City, California-based FireLayers Inc. provides companies with a strategic protection platform for preventing cyberattacks. The service reinforces vulnerabilities caused by cloud applications like SalesForce or Office 365. This allows IT management to deal with threats based on type, vulnerability, certain applications, categories of application, and the industry the client is in.

San Carlos, California-based Check Point Software (News - Alert) Technologies, Inc. develops end-to-end security solutions that protect users from attacks. The service can be used from the cloud to employees’ mobile devices. Its SandBlast Threat Emulation solution traps malware in a virtual sandbox where it can be inspected and quarantined before causing damage. This includes a threat extraction feature that allows users access to a ‘safe version of potentially malicious content’. An example of this would be a previously infected webpage with the malware removed.

EPS starts with the FireLayers platform, which continuously examines all files residing within cloud environments that an IT department has access to, regardless of whether they are currently in use or not, and includes files being uploaded or downloaded. When a suspicious file is detected, it is moved to SandBlast for examination and possible quarantine or blocking. Users and admins receive alerts about bad files when applicable.

Back when IT environments consisted of an internal network of PCs and an Internet connection, security was relatively simple. Today, that’s no longer the case. The cloud has reduced the cost and hassle of IT for many businesses, but at the same time it has introduced complexity to system architecture; BYOD only adds to the problem.

With this added complexity comes added vulnerability, introducing the possibility of more cyberattacks than before. Fortunately, companies like FireLayers and Check Point have combined efforts to create a solution that addresses these problems. Businesses can use the cloud and enjoy its benefits without having to sacrifice security. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere
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