Wheelings & Dealings: Bracket Computing Scores More than $45 Million to Develop Secure Computing Cell

By Laura Stotler, TMCnet Contributing Editor  |  October 20, 2015

Secure virtual infrastructure provider for the cloud, Bracket Computing, has brought in a new funding round worth more than $45 million. The company is planning to use the Series C funding to develop its Bracket Computing Cell as well as expand globally.

Bracket specializes in helping financial services firms as well as a variety of enterprises develop a secure architecture for public clouds known as the Bracket Computing Cell. The solution enables apps and data, as well as their associated security, networking and data management infrastructure, to reside in a single software construct. The Computing Cell can operate across multiple public cloud providers and can also work with a company’s on-premise data center. The goal is to create a single, central virtual infrastructure with consistent controls and management.

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"Bracket is fundamentally redefining enterprise computing," said Tom Gillis, CEO and co-founder of Bracket. "Financial firms need to remain technology leaders, and we're working with some of the very largest as we define the blueprint for the data center of the future. Our vision is to provide a secure, advanced, virtual infrastructure that spans multiple clouds, both private and public, with one consistent set of capabilities."

New investors in the latest funding round include Fidelity Management, Research Capital and Goldman Sachs. Bracket is also part of the Wells Fargo (News - Alert) Startup Accelerator, and Wells Fargo is supporting development of the company’s Computing Cell. Bracket has received more than $130 million in overall funding so far.

"Imagine if you could encapsulate your most sensitive applications, data and services and have them run securely across leading hyperscale public clouds and your private cloud, all the while ensuring consistent security controls and data management capabilities," said Jason Lango, CTO and co-founder of Bracket. "This is what a Bracket Computing Cell allows. It enables an enterprise without boundaries, without sacrificing security and control."

Bracket also offers unique encryption technology within the Computing Cell for added security across multiple hyperscale clouds. The end result is that the encryption creates a new perimeter for the overall network, adding logical controls while maintaining high levels of enterprise security.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere
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