How AWS Partnerships Are Helping Businesses Succeed

By Drew Hendricks  |  March 02, 2016

On the surface, Amazon Web Services (News - Alert) (AWS) is just another cloud services provider in a crowded market. Of course, the service happens to be provided by one of the biggest companies in the world, giving it an edge from the start. However, Amazon has a long history of setting itself apart from competitors through its unique focus on what customers want. That same type of strategizing about business users has helped AWS establish itself as the leader in cloud services.

One major area of success for AWS has been the AWS Partner Network (APN), which gives service providers the support they need to increase sales using AWS. Businesses benefit from being able to earn money as service providers and AWS benefits from increase usage. There have been so many successes through these relationships, Amazon devotes space to sharing those stories with the world. Here are a few ways AWS’s partnerships are helping businesses grow and thrive.

Success in Progress

New York-based technology company Infor provides enterprise software that helps business fulfill orders, automate accounting processes, and manage relationships with customers. After recently launching a suite of 10x-enabled applications, CEO Charles Phillips knows the next phase is to take on giant competitors like (News - Alert). To do this, Phillips is in the process of finalizing a deal with AWS that will let Infor’s customers migrate their data immediately, rather than wait for additional servers to be deployed. AWS already comes with a global network of data centers that will help Infor accomplish its goals quickly.

Outsourcing Re-Architecture

Setting up a cloud environment for businesses is complex, especially with the level of security and reliability companies expect. For Australian cloud service provider Bulletproof, AWS offers those services, taking the pressure off of their IT experts to completely redesign their cloud environment.  Bulletproof believes the sales and support provided through APN has played a big role in its success, primarily because of the AWS team’s commitment to all of the customers they serve through their partners.

The Privacy Difference

In addition to the typical concerns about security, providers who offer cloud services to healthcare organizations must meet Federal HIPAA standards. For that reason, Amazon designated special status to Logicworks for its healthcare competency. Built on top of the AWS platform, Logicworks’ (News - Alert) solutions are specifically designed to protect protected healthcare information for patients, ensuring organizations can collect, store, and transmit medical data. Having that designation has allowed Logicworks to give its customers confidence that they’re in compliance with regulatory requirements. Its work with AWS allowed Logicworks to set up an infrastructure where application deployment and maintenance are software driven, helping get customer applications running quickly.

Helping Retailers

SalesWarp brings the cloud to retailers, offering the technology they need to manage their inventories and automate fulfillment. AWS allows the company to create a seamless omnichannel experience for retailers while still keeping its environment secure and affordable. The environment has allowed SalesWarp to bring in-demand solutions to its partners, including a new Magento extension and the addition of USPS (News - Alert) Commercial Plus pricing. Last August, SalesWarp’s success allowed it to close $3.5 million in Series A funding.

Securing Services

Cloud service resellers aren’t the only businesses benefiting from AWS’s robust technology. Unisys developed a product called Stealth, which encrypts data as it travels between endpoints on an AWS network. Once Stealth is in place, devices are verified as being part of the secure community as designated by an administrator. Since access is approved based on the device’s ID, it helps reduce the risk of a data breach.

Enterprise Workload Management

As a premier consulting partner, 2nd Watch brings its technical expertise to the enterprise level of companies. On top of the AWS platform, 2nd Watch has built a suite of proprietary tools that directly address the workload demands of Big Data and digital marketing, among other services. After extensive research, 2nd Watch determined that AWS was the only platform that had the tools and products necessary to run enterprise-level production in the cloud.

Amazon’s cloud offerings have fulfilled the needs of many cloud service partners who can take the technology and customize it to their own unique markets. As a result, businesses of all sizes have gained access to cloud-based software and storage at affordable prices without sacrificing security or reliability.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi