ParkMyCloud Now Supports Auto Scheduling for Google Cloud Platform

By Frank Griffin, Contributing Writer  |  June 14, 2017

The reluctance large enterprises showed when cloud computing became available is no longer present. Today, the technology is seen as an integral component of the IT infrastructure in small and large organizations. And as the rate of adoption continues to increase, and it makes up a larger percentage of the overall IT deployment, cost savings solutions are being introduced. ParkMyCloud is one of the enterprise grade apps designed to optimize and lower cloud spend by automatically reducing resource waste. The company announced it now supports the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in addition to Amazon Web Services (News - Alert) (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, which brings three of the leading cloud providers under its portfolio.

In order to appreciate the service ParkMyCloud provides, it is important to understand how most large enterprises use cloud computing. They basically turn it on and forget it, and they pay for idle compute instances and VMS. This includes when the company is closed, if it closes, as well as night time and weekends when resources might not be needed.

ParkMyCloud provides a platform that lets organizations “park” their compute resources so they can assign schedules for when they will be running or idle. For example, dev, test, staging, and QA, which are non-production resources, can be parked when they are not used, such as nights and weekends.

This ingenious solution is responsible for saving 20-60 percent of cloud bills every month for some of the leading brands in the world, including McDonald's, Fox, Capital One (News - Alert), Sage Software and Wolters Kluwer, to name a few. According to the company, this is an issue that will cost organizations $6 billion in 2017, and it is expected to increase to $17 billion by 2020.

“Google (News - Alert) has made enterprises a priority target for their cloud offering this year, so we knew it was imperative that we support these users as quickly as possible. We’ve helped Fortune 500 and multinational corporations achieve millions in savings on AWS and Azure, and we’re looking forward to doing the same for users of Google Cloud Platform,” said ParkMyCloud CEO Jay Chapel.

With Google Cloud now part of the ParkMyCloud umbrella, companies that use its cloud computing solutions will be able to save a considerable amount in service fees. The company says it will now focus on introducing more solutions for continuous cost control that can be integrated seamlessly into DevOps processes.

Edited by Alicia Young
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