Spinning it Up: NetFoundry Goes Azure

By Cynthia S. Artin, Contributing Writer  |  November 08, 2018

In a world of multi-cloud connectivity, one company believes it should be as easy to spin up a network as it is to spin up a VM.

This week, NetFoundry announced another integration associated with the transmission of data between any application, any service and any cloud with the release of their gateway for Microsoft (News - Alert) Azure Stack.

The breakthrough is all about time, as the company says their “pre-built” gateway makes it possible to spin up a connection to Azure Stack “in minutes, allowing for networking ubiquity across the Azure ecosystem and simple multi-cloud connectivity.”

NetFoundry announced earlier this year their private, secure networking building platform was added to Amazon’s AWS marketplace, and are now part of the Microsoft Azure Stack Marketplace following the release of NetFoundry’s AppWANs earlier this year.

The work within the Azure universe NetFoundry’s development team has accomplished is unifying Azure, Azure Stack, Azure IoT and Azure Virtual WAN integrations.

NetFoundry said in an announcement “there is no need for hardware or complex routing and configuration historically associated with traditional connectivity solutions. Once Gateways are spun up, administrators can create application specific networks called AppWANs, connecting apps to any number of devices in real-time, overlaid atop the public Internet and managed through a centralized management console.

“Modern businesses need the ability to run their workloads across multiple edges, cores and clouds without compromising security or performance,” said Galeal Zino, co-founder and CEO of NetFoundry. “As a Microsoft preferred partner, we are delighted to offer customers Zero Trust, multipoint, cloud orchestrated connectivity across Azure Stack, Azure Cloud and Azure Virtual WAN using any Internet connection. Together Microsoft and NetFoundry deliver the agility and performance that increases our customers’ competitive edge.”

 Zino continued, “Businesses need to be able to agilely and securely run their apps across different Azure environments.  Now that Microsoft has tested and approved NetFoundry for their Azure Stack Marketplace, businesses can leverage a single NetFoundry solution across Azure Cloud, Azure Virtual WAN and Azure Stack.  Since the NetFoundry solution doesn't depend on any specific network provider or hardware, businesses get software-defined, Zero Trust application connectivity from anywhere across Azure Stack, Azure Cloud and Azure Virtual WAN.”

Vijay Tewari, director, Azure Stack Infrastructure at Microsoft also weighed in, saying “By adding Microsoft Azure Stack connectivity to the Azure and Azure Virtual WAN application connectivity solutions, NetFoundry enables businesses to run their workloads across multiple Azure environments.  This means businesses get software-defined, Zero Trust Azure connectivity from anywhere to anywhere.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle