Harnessing the Power of Customer Moments

The Future of Cloud

Harnessing the Power of Customer Moments

By TMCnet Special Guest
Jason Alley, Solutions Marketing Manager, Interactive Intelligence
  |  August 03, 2012

The future of customer care lies in the cloud and mobility, and the killer app for such mobility might be as simple as harnessing the power of customer moments.

Think about how we use our smartphones and tablets. We expect to pull these powerful computing devices out of our pockets and conduct the business or transaction of our choice – in the moment, on a moment’s notice, with only a moment to spare.

It’s All About the Moment. Or as a recent Forrester (News - Alert) report termed it:

“Mobile apps empower customers, partners and employees wherever they are in the context of that moment. People can serve themselves in the moment to accomplish a task, like check a status, find an expert, receive an alert, make a purchase, answer a question, share an opinion or send a message.”

Consider, for example, the scenario for checking a status. You have five minutes before boarding a plane when you grow curious about the status of the trouble ticket you opened earlier in the day. How can you check up on it?

The Old Way

You fire up your laptop, log in, wait for everything to load, attach your 3G/4G wireless card in the USB port, and wait for the card to connect to the data service you subscribe to. Then, you open a web browser and access the company’s website, and six steps later, you find the ticket in question. But your five minutes are up. Either you miss your boarding call to get the status of the trouble ticket, or you forget about the trouble ticket to get on the plane. And either way, you lose.

The New Way

You enter your passcode to unlock your smart phone, click on the company’s app, and select the option to view the status of an open ticket. If you need to speak to an agent, you escalate to a call back. You’re in the moment, and you make your boarding call in plenty of time.

The collision of mobility, cloud and other developments is forever changing service delivery. It’s changing our world… and it’s awesome.

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Jason Alley is solutions marketing manager, Interactive Intelligence.

Edited by Braden Becker