AiStrike to Revolutionize Cloud Security with AI-Powered Automation

By Stefania Viscusi  |  June 04, 2024

AiStrike announced its emergence from stealth mode and unveiled a new solution designed to transform cloud security investigation and response through AI-powered automation.

With cyberattacks on cloud infrastructure continuing to rise, security operation teams are increasingly overwhelmed by the volume of alerts, lack of context, and the complexity of cloud automations. AiStrike addresses these challenges using advanced behavior analytics and AI-guided automation to prioritize, investigate, and neutralize threats in real-time.

The company's cloud-native security AI models are pre-trained based on extensive and continuous attack simulations, providing organizations with guided automation to swiftly neutralize advanced and emerging threats.

When a new alert is received, AiStrike's solution automatically enriches it with business, entity, threat, and infrastructure context to ensure detailed, current insights.

Alerts are prioritized using machine learning (ML) and AI analytics to highlight anomalies and identify high-risk threats. It can also investigate the root cause by mapping alerts to their origins, assigning remediation ownership, and enabling security analysts to ask detailed questions through a pre-trained AI promptbook.

As a final step, it also takes automated remediation actions to restore environments to a secure state, integrating deeply within the CI/CD pipeline from code to cloud.

“We are thrilled to announce AiStrike’s official launch out of stealth,” said Nitin Agale, Founder and CEO of AiStrike. “Traditional security investigation and response approaches are ineffective to deal with the volume and complexity of threats in cloud. This creates alert fatigue and piling backlogs of alerts. Our solution automates alert enrichment, triage, and investigation, and enables you to take proactive actions from code to cloud. The RSA (News - Alert) conference provided the perfect platform for us to unveil our offering, and we are excited by the feedback of all those who saw the tool in action.”

Early customers of AiStrike have observed significant benefits, including an 85% reduction in alert volume due to behavior analytics-based prioritization, a 70% improvement in mean time to respond (MTTR) with automation playbooks covering the entire code-to-cloud lifecycle and a 60% savings in analyst time through AI-guided investigation and response.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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