Kubernetes Security: The Role of eBPF and How to Use It to Improve Security
Kubernetes has transformed container orchestration by allowing companies to deploy and manage containerized applications at scale. However, Kubernetes deployments present security problems due to their dispersed and dynamic nature. The extremely flexible and programmable eBPF architecture provides new ways to improve Kubernetes security. Organizations may protect their Kubernetes installations by employing eBPF and applying dynamic filtering techniques, such as operating a firewall within it. - 05/15/2024

A Superb Way of Manipulating Big Data: Databricks Notebooks
In contemporary society, technological advancement is rapidly progressing, paralleled by shifts in people's lifestyles and needs. To meet these evolving demands, the realms of technology and business are actively investing in innovative solutions and domains. At the forefront of these discussions is the burgeoning field of big data and data analytics. - 05/13/2024

Integration Challenges with Modern Cloud Solutions in the Healthcare Insurance Sector
As the healthcare insurance sector evolves, IT leaders are increasingly leveraging cloud solutions to enhance operational efficiency and ensure compliance. However, the integration of outdated legacy systems with these advanced platforms poses significant challenges. This article delves into the technical hurdles and presents solutions, highlighting data that indicates approximately 40% of healthcare insurers face compliance and efficiency issues during these transitions, underscoring the necessity for strategic and technical planning. - 05/08/2024

Navigating the Landscape of Secure Access in Cloud Technology
In today's always-online world, the security of digital platforms is more crucial than ever. The rise of cloud technology has brought about many challenges for businesses trying to keep their digital resources safe. High-profile security breaches are a reminder of the importance of robust defense mechanisms. - 02/14/2024

Pritam Mukherjee Presents the New York Power Authority's IT Application Security and Governance Journey with SAP Analytics Cloud at ASUG SAP Conference
Pritam Mukherjee, Lead Specialist for Information Technology (IT) Application and Data Security, Governance, Technology Risk and Compliance at the New York Power Authority (NYPA), presented a case study describing the power utility's application security and governance journey, integrating SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) as part of its digital transformation process, at the ASUG Conference held at Google NYC. - 02/07/2024

Understanding Cloud Threat Management in the SaaS Ecosystem
In recent years, we've seen the rapid rise of software-as-a-service (SaaS) becoming a key player in business operations. Companies big and small are turning to these digital services for convenience and efficiency. But here's something to ponder: with great convenience often comes great risk, particularly regarding cloud-based assets. - 02/05/2024

What Is AWS Compute Optimizer?
AWS Compute Optimizer, a free tool provided by Amazon Web Services, is specifically designed to help cloud users optimize their computing resources. - 02/02/2024

Zscaler Unifies SASE and Zero Trust with Powerful AI Engine
Zscaler Zero Trust SASE offers a unified architecture that merges networking and security functions into a single cloud-based service. - 01/29/2024

Equinix Makes Multicloud Networking Easy and Efficient
Equinix Fabric Cloud Router helps customers simplify their complex cloud-to-cloud and hybrid cloud networking challenges by providing an easy-to-configure, enterprise-grade, multicloud routing service that can be deployed in under a minute. - 01/29/2024

What Is a Kubernetes Operator? 5 Common Use Cases
The world of containerized applications has been revolutionized by the emergence of Kubernetes. While Kubernetes introduces many important innovations that help automate and optimize container environments, Kubernetes Operators are a particularly potent tool. - 01/02/2024

Securing Your Cloud with XDR
Extended Detection and Response, or XDR, is a cybersecurity strategy that integrates multiple security products into a cohesive security incident detection and response platform. In essence, XDR collects and automatically correlates data across different domains, enabling the system to detect threats that might otherwise go unnoticed. - 12/11/2023

Azure Cost Management, Azure Cost Optimization, Nearshore Software Development: A Comprehensive Guide
Have you ever wondered how to unlock the full potential of Microsoft Azure while keeping your cloud costs under control? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the best practices for Azure cost management and Azure cost optimization. Discover the secrets to reducing your Azure costs, maximizing resource usage, and embracing cost-efficient solutions for your organization. - 11/27/2023

Code Refactoring for Cloud Migration: A Practical Guide
Code refactoring is the process of modifying existing code without changing its external behavior. This might seem counterintuitive at first-why rewrite code that already works? The answer lies in understanding the long-term benefits of code refactoring. - 10/27/2023

AI-Enhanced FinOps Delivers Over 20% Savings
Enterprises activating a FinOps model using AI-powered software are 53% more likely to report an overall cost savings of greater than 20%. - 10/24/2023

API Monitoring vs. Testing: Understanding the Key Differences
In the technological landscape, overseeing and validating the functionality represent distinct concepts. Functionality, reliability, and performance with security are critical factors in building and maintaining API services. Testing and monitoring contribute significantly towards architecting and delivering a battle-tested API. - 10/23/2023

API documentation Best Practices
API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of rules and protocols that allow different software applications to communicate with each other. It acts as a bridge, enabling the smooth interaction of distinct software systems. - 10/23/2023

PCI Compliance for Containerized Environments
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance follows a set of policies and procedures designed to protect credit, debit and debit card transactions and prevent misuse of cardholder personal information. Any organizations processing or storing credit card information must comply with PCI DSS. - 10/17/2023

Code Refactoring for Cloud Migrations: A Practical Guide
Cloud computing has become a dominant force in the realm of technology, and understanding the best practices for migrating existing applications to the cloud is crucial. Among the various steps involved in a successful cloud migration, one of the most fundamental is code refactoring. - 10/16/2023

WordPress in the Cloud: Pros, Cons, and Costs
WordPress is a popular content management system. It provides a convenient user interface that lets you manage many important aspects of a website, in particular posts and pages that contain the website's content. WordPress is open source under the GPLv2 license, meaning you can use WordPress for free, and also access and modify its source code. - 10/11/2023

Google Cloud Award 2023: Who Are the Winners?
Nowadays, it's quite popular to come across companies aimed at providing solutions to new technological problems that arise. Thousands of workers worldwide are seeking to specialize in virtual security in order to gradually do their bit to make the cloud a much safer place. - 10/03/2023

DSPM vs. CSPM: Bridging the Gap with Posture Management
Data is a valued commodity in today's world that requires security at different levels to prevent attacks and exploitation from unauthorized personnel. The concept of data security and protection may be abstract for common people, but they still want to rest assured that the place where their sensitive data resides is secure. To provide this security, companies need to place the data in a location safe from any intrusion. - 10/03/2023

Busting Cloud Myths and Avoiding Cloud Pitfalls
The cloud does not manage itself. Cloud providers operate on a shared responsibility model, which means that cloud customers are equally responsible for infrastructure configurations, network controls, access rights, and data security. - 09/22/2023

Hybrid Cloud vs Multi-Cloud: How to Choose Wisely?
Cloud computing is rapidly evolving and deciding on a solution becomes increasingly challenging. While businesses are already familiar with Public and Private Cloud services, Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud models become more and more popular. This article aims to clarify these cloud environments and guide you in selecting the right strategy. - 09/19/2023

Kubernetes Observability: Navigating the Ecosystem of Monitoring Solutions
Observability isn't just about numbers and graphs, it's the art of understanding the heartbeat of your infrastructure and breathing life into your digital ecosystem. Observability in Kubernetes refers to the process of getting in-depth knowledge about the inner-workings of your Kubernetes clusters and the applications that run on them. - 09/06/2023

How Cloud Computing is Being Used in Video Games
By using remote servers hosted on the Internet, many popular game developers these days are using cloud computing to run their products. It's mostly the case for online games, where players have an inventory that gets synced continuously to the cloud server. - 09/01/2023

How the Cloud Affects Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
One of the core features of tech and cybersecurity is that most things are constantly changing, striving to be more efficient, more effective, and more able to take on threats which are also evolving every day. - 08/23/2023

What Is OpenTelemetry? A Guide to Cloud Observability
OpenTelemetry is a set of APIs, libraries, agents, and instrumentation that standardize the generation, collection, and description of telemetry data for observability. As an open-source project under the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), it aims to provide a single, unified way to capture and analyze traces, metrics, and logs from your applications. - 08/21/2023

5 Cloud Security Best Practices You Should Implement
The ongoing shift to the cloud is one of the defining technology developments of the last decade. More and more, businesses are relying on cloud-based services and applications to operate, and they're storing their own data in the cloud, as well. While this move to the cloud has been transformative for many companies across industries, it's also introduced more risk from a security perspective. - 08/08/2023

Why Application Mapping is Critical for Cloud Management
Application mapping, for those who are new to the concept, is a process used to understand the dependencies and relationships between software applications and the underlying IT infrastructure. It provides a visual representation of how different software applications interact with each other and with the hardware resources they depend on. - 08/08/2023

10 Tips for Optimizing Cloud Costs
Cloud costs are the expenses incurred by a business when using cloud services. They can vary greatly depending on the specific cloud service provider, the type of service used, and how the service is utilized. These costs can include charges for data storage, data transfer, and the computing power required to run applications in the cloud. - 08/08/2023

Cloud Computing in the Digital Age: Driving Innovation and Business Growth
In the digital era, cloud infrastructure is the backbone of modern businesses, supporting many applications and services. Cloud providers offer scalable and flexible computing resources. This enables organizations to meet fluctuating demands without significant upfront investments. With cloud infrastructure, businesses can deploy and scale applications rapidly, reducing time-to-market for new products and services. - 08/07/2023

Ultimate Guide to Cloud Cost Management
Cloud Cost Management is the process of controlling and optimizing the costs involved in operating within a cloud environment. This involves the management of cloud service usage, ensuring cost-effectiveness, and preventing unnecessary expenses. - 07/24/2023

7 Benefits of Being Agile in Software Development
In this modern software development landscape, agility is crucial for software development teams. Being agile allows organizations to respond quickly to changing market demands, deliver high-quality software products, and maintain a competitive edge. In this article, we will explore the benefits of being agile in software development and how it can positively impact your business. - 07/19/2023

Steps of Implementing FinOps Culture in Your Organization
Many organizations struggle to optimize cloud costs because they lack the technical know-how to adopt FinOps. This article details the steps of implementing FinOps culture. - 07/10/2023

A Cloud Engineer's Guide to Kubernetes Errors: CrashLoopBackOff, OomKilled, and More
Kubernetes has emerged as an indispensable tool in the realm of cloud infrastructure. It is an open-source orchestration platform that automates the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Its significance lies in its ability to provide a framework for running distributed systems resiliently, dealing with failures in the system gracefully, and scaling the applications as per the need. - 07/07/2023

Why BYOPC Will Reach Mainstream Adoption in the Next Five Years
BYOPC is nearing mainstream adoption because of the presence of cybersecurity advancements. This article explains why BYOPC will reach mainstream adoption in five years. - 07/05/2023

Using Freelancers to Manage Your Cloud: Pros and Cons
To make the most of the digital world, it's essential to understand the players that make it tick. One such group are freelancers. Freelancers are self-employed individuals who offer their skills and expertise on a project or contract basis. They are not tied to any single employer and often work on multiple projects concurrently. They can provide a wide range of services, from graphic design and content writing to advanced technical services like cloud management. - 06/27/2023

Virtana Enhances Observability Capabilities with OpsCruise
Virtana has acquired cloud observability platform OpsCruise, a purpose-built cloud-native and Kubernetes observability platform. - 06/27/2023

How Technology Has Transformed Email Marketing
Over the years, technology has revolutionized the way we do marketing in general. And email marketing is no exception to this trend. Thanks to advances in technology, businesses now have access to a range of tools and platforms that allow them to create more effective campaigns and reach out to their target audience with greater accuracy than ever before. - 06/07/2023

Observability for Cloud Applications: A Quick Guide
A cloud application is a software application that runs on a cloud computing infrastructure, rather than on a local computer or on-premises server. Cloud applications are designed to be accessed over the Internet and typically rely on a web browser or mobile app to provide users with access to the software. - 04/24/2023

Assessing the Effectiveness of Data Privacy and Security Tools
Data privacy and security have become increasingly important as more sensitive information is shared and stored online. In response, various data privacy and security tools have emerged, ranging from encryption software to two-factor authentication. - 04/19/2023

Protecting Endpoints in the Cloud with EDR
Endpoint security in the cloud refers to the security measures that are put in place to protect devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, that access cloud services and data. This type of security is important because as more employees work remotely and use cloud services, the risk of cyber attacks and data breaches increases. - 03/08/2023

9 Essential App Developer Skills
Mobile apps have greatly influenced our lives. From how we run our businesses and communicate with each other to how we entertain ourselves, mobile apps are everywhere and are transforming our lives. As a result, developers with app-building skills are in high demand. Many companies are searching for experienced app developers to create apps tailored to their needs to assist them in successfully running their businesses. - 02/24/2023

These are the three areas where Cloud Computing is transforming the world
Have you ever heard of Cloud computing? This phenomenon is revolutionizing the way mankind uses technology. It has enabled businesses to become better versions of themselves by allowing them to access data faster, making collaboration on projects with remote teams possible, and helps save money by cutting hardware maintenance costs. - 01/26/2023

Open Source Security in the Cloud
Open source security refers to the security measures and practices used in open source software. Open source software is software that is freely available for anyone to use, modify, and distribute. It is developed by a community of volunteers, who work together to improve and maintain the software. - 01/25/2023

Hands On Guide to AWS Migration
An AWS cloud migration involves moving digital business operations to Amazon's cloud computing platform. A cloud migration process requires significant expertise and preparation. When implemented effectively, cloud migration can offer great benefits, such as cost-savings and flexibility. - 01/25/2023

Why unified communications (UC) technology can particularly benefit the non-profit sector
Unified communications technology is becoming increasingly popular in the business world due to its ability to keep all communications programs in one place for ease of use. In fact, research conducted by Grandview showed that unified communications has recently had a growth rate of 20.5 CAGR. - 01/13/2023

How Cloud Gaming is Revolutionizing the Industry
Cloud gaming, also referred to as a service or gaming on demand, is a relatively new technology that allows users to play video games on any device with internet access without the need for expensive gaming hardware or local storage. It is made possible by streaming games from remote servers, which handle the processing and rendering of the game while the user controls it in real-time. - 01/11/2023

What Should Be Known About Cookies?
Key peculiarities of cookies in short terms. How do cookies work? Primary purposes of cookie files usage in e-commerce. What should be known about session, third-party, and persistent cookies? - 01/03/2023

Cloud Migration Tools to Ease Your Cloud Journey
Cloud migration involves transferring applications and data from an on-premises data center to a cloud environment. There are various strategies organizations can utilize to migrate to the cloud, including: - 12/21/2022

How significant is Order Management Software in inventory life cycles?
Exploring the significance of Order Management Software in inventory life cycles and how they support supply chains - 12/19/2022

Monitoring Performance for Face Recognition Models
Facial recognition is a method of identifying or verifying a person's identity by evaluating an image of their face. It is possible to identify people in real time using photos or videos with the aid of facial recognition technology. - 11/30/2022

Why VoIP is Taking Over Small Business Phone Lines
In recent years, Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, has gained immense popularity in making phone calls. This is because VoIP offers several advantages over traditional landlines. VoIP can be a great way to save money on phone costs for businesses. In addition, VoIP offers features that are not available on landlines. As more and more enterprises adopt VoIP, it is clear that this technology is here to stay. - 11/28/2022

What is Mobile Edge Computing and why do you need it?
Nowadays, modern technological solutions are being implemented more often and more eagerly. Augmented reality, virtual reality, unique cloud platforms and many others require modern mobile network solutions. - 11/23/2022

What Is SASE and How Is it Changing the Security Landscape?
SASE, which stands for Secure Access Service Edge, is a cloud-based network security model. SASE uses a technology called software-defined networking (SDN), which allows software to manage networks and combine them with network security features. SASE simplifies network infrastructure and security management by providing organizations with a single service provider for all connectivity and security needs. - 11/22/2022

Cloud Logistics: Why Move Your Logistics Business To Cloud?
Are you looking for innovative and cost effective ways to tackle your supply chain and enhance daily operations? Perhaps, a tool to reduce costs, catalyze productivity and bolster efficiency to your logistics and supply chain business? - 11/22/2022

5 Reasons You Need Istio in Your Kubernetes Clusters
Istio is a service mesh platform that enables developers to connect, secure, control, monitor, and run distributed microservices architectures. It is open source and supports any language, platform, or operating environment. Istio manages service interactions for both container- and virtual machine (VM)-based workloads. - 11/18/2022

Common Kubernetes Errors and Solutions: OOMKilled, CrashLoopBackOff, and More
Kubernetes is an open source platform for managing Linux containers in private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. It is often used to manage large microservices applications. While Kubernetes is very powerful, it is also complex, and it can be difficult to identify and fix problems with its many components and the resources they create. - 11/04/2022

NanoVMs Is Disrupting The Marketplace With Its Unikernel Infrastructure & Leaving The Competitors Behind
Unikernels are the next big thing in the market; one can also say that it is the "new bling object" now available on the Cloud. Although the term 'unikernel' has created havoc in the industry, the trust in Linux has not diminished in multiple organizations. - 09/22/2022

How Crypto Casinos Use Cloud Computing and Blockchain Technology
To stay ahead of the competition, online casinos are incorporating Blockchain technology and Cloud computing into their operations. This way, they can offer their users in-play betting as well as expand their reach into new markets. It is also a great way to save money by avoiding unnecessary hardware costs. This article will explore how cryptocurrency casinos use cloud computing and Blockchain technology. Also, it will explore the future of in-play betting. It will help you make a more informed decision regarding your betting experience. - 08/26/2022

Benefits of Cloud Computing
Most people may be familiar in some way with a certain cloud that is around us at all times. It is discreet and unnoticable in nature and has so many benefits for everyone from a business level to everyday living. Its contribution to many areas of society is immense. We are talking about cloud computing! - 08/17/2022

Cloud Native Networks: Future-proof IT Solutions for the Telecom Business
The cloud native architecture provides means for the full network cloudification. That should be an important part of any business strategy that is supposed to provide some successes in the modern telecom market. Want to know more? Read our article, and prepare your point of view to be optimized. - 08/15/2022

WordPress on the Azure Cloud: Benefits, Costs, and Considerations
Microsoft Azure is Microsoft's public cloud computing platform. It provides cloud services such as computing, storage, networking, and analytics. Beyond these basic computing services, it provides a range of platform as a service (PaaS) solutions that allow users to develop applications and services using familiar technologies and frameworks. - 08/02/2022

An AI Built For Cloud Databases and Cloud Data Warehouses WIth New Reliable Metrics
Data is the fuel for every business, and this fuel must be reliable at all steps. Each business requires a tool to sustain data for the decision-making process. The enterprises and executives whose data is not available in a reliable state end up making wrong decisions. Data reliability is perceived as another part and a process in a company, however, it is the "must have" cog in today's time. - 07/27/2022

How data labelling is essential for machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)
Machine learning is programming with artificial intelligence to be as autonomous and efficient as possible. But how is data labelling an essential step in this new way of approaching computer software? - 07/20/2022

Why do you need to import data from WooCommerce to Shopify?
By creating your own online store, you have the opportunity to plan your future and determine the prospects of your business. At first, it may seem that it is very difficult, because you need to create your own website, set up a payment system, build a marketing strategy, find customers and study logistics. However, today some platforms simplify everything. As an example, Shopify. - 07/14/2022

Five Benefits of Leveraging the Cloud for Banks and Loan Providers
As in other fields of life, cloud computing in banks and other financial institutes had started with non-core processes like administration and human resources. But in this competitive environment, cloud solutions have overhauled the on-premises systems and tools to become a necessity rather than an option. - 06/15/2022

Here is an app to regain your privacy on mobile devices
Smartphones have become the one-stop device for payments, work, texting, productivity, entertainment, and much more. From mobile banking to navigation and office meetings to last-minute project changes, we entrust mobile devices with all our confidential information, including financial passwords or pins. Using a mobile device as a unified tool for everything brings with it significant risks; hacking, cloning, spamming, password spraying are just to name a few. - 06/15/2022

Best Linux Hosting Providers in 2022 | Know Before Purchasing New Hosting
In the modern world, there's no living without the internet. Whether you want it or not, the web is entangled in your life. We use web pages daily, but have you ever wondered how they're made available to you? How do the companies publish their websites so their content is broadcasted to billions of people worldwide? - 06/07/2022

Why Should You Go Ahead With The Best DevOps Services?
Data storage and processing will satisfy you soon or after some while, whether you are an entrepreneur or a manager. In today's digital world, your success is determined by how properly you gather, manage, store, and exchange data. - 06/01/2022

Exploring the Advantages of IT Outsourcing Services
IT infrastructure plays an important role when it comes to a modern business setting. But unfortunately, not all the companies have access to professional experts, assets and resources. Here comes the importance of IR outsourcing which will fill the gaps conventionally. It has become widespread practice through which businesses integrate services and experts into the infrastructure. - 03/30/2022

JetStream File Transfer Software - The Solution for Business
Gone are the days when you would need flash disks or external hard drives to transfer large files from one computer to another. With the advent of User Datagram Protocol software, (UDP) you can transfer large files from one computer to another safely and remotely over the internet. - 03/29/2022

JetSteam File Transfer Software - The Solution for Business
Gone are the days when you would need flash disks or external hard drives to transfer large files from one computer to another. With the advent of User Datagram Protocol software, (UDP) you can transfer large files from one computer to another safely and remotely over the internet. UDP is an internet-provided standard mechanism for copying files from one host to another. - 03/28/2022

How Can Businesses Improve With Google Cloud Development Services?
The Google cloud platform is an easy-to-use service that mainly allows users to use various apps and services. This particular platform provides many benefits to businesses interested in this field. Some popular Google development services include the Google Cloud Platform and the Google Integration Server. It provides lots of services that the developers use for building virtual infrastructure. - 03/08/2022

Five Interesting Ways Cloud Computing is Changing Education
The education sector has lagged behind other business verticals in leveraging the potential of emerging technologies. Until now, students across the world have continued their education under a brick-and-mortar classroom. - 03/07/2022

Shifting Left Security in Azure
Traditional software development approaches implement security testing at the end of the development process. Typically, this stage involves performing various types of testing, such as dynamic application security testing (DAST) and static application security testing (SAST). - 02/22/2022

VMware Incident Response: Responding to Attacks on Virtualized Environments
VMware is a US software vendor offering cloud computing and virtualization technology. VMware's server virtualization technology employs a bare-metal hypervisor ESX/ESXi to virtualize x86 architecture. - 02/14/2022

Vivaldi 5.1 offers tab scrolling & reading list on desktop and new themes on Android
Vivaldi's Team of experts has updated its web browser to 5.1 on both desktop and android devices and it is the very first update of this year. Desktop users now can enjoy horizontal scrollable tabs, a reading list, and a quick setting panel for a better browsing experience. On another hand, Vivaldi offers color themes and improved speed for Android users. - 02/11/2022

On-Prem and Cloud Deployment: What Does It Mean for a Streaming Business?
As you contemplate various elements of your IPTV DRM solution, your hosting location may be one of the critical ones that come to mind. You may have heard the terms "on-prem" or "in the cloud." - 02/11/2022

Decentralized Storage - The future of Data Storage
Taking storage away from centralized entities creates a safer and more reliable network while rewarding individuals for their participation. Platforms for centralized storage, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, provide quick and easy storage alternatives. So why would we require any other solutions for big data storage for businesses? Security and dependability are two key reasons we want decentralized storage. Most of the reputable online sites, just like Platincasino for instance, require maximum security measures when protecting players' data. - 12/23/2021

Popular Forms of Application Security
Everything these days is digital, including banking, food delivery, and just about everything else we use. Many applications collect sensitive information about their users, such as their address, credit card number, and other personally identifiable information (PII). Because they hold a large amount of data, hackers are constantly on the lookout for ways to gain access to such applications to steal important information from their users. Thus, it is critical that the application's security is properly addressed. - 12/20/2021

How to Take Care of Home Security
The author of this article is Alexander, who has worked for 20 years in security and has been involved in the security of enterprises and dwelling houses. Your home is the place where each of us wants to forget about all the difficulties of the outside world. A place where we want to immerse ourselves in comfort, tranquility, silence and feel safe. - 12/16/2021

Hardening an EC2 Instance: 5 Critical Best Practices
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a top cloud computing vendor offering various services, including a web-based service, called Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), which offers secure and resizable cloud compute capacity. - 12/16/2021

Cloud Migration in 2022
Cloud migration involves transferring applications and data from on-site data centers to the cloud. These applications may be applications an organization developed itself, or purchased to fulfill a business-critical task. Ways to approach application migration include optimizing parts of the application for the cloud, changing the application's code to integrate smoothly with the cloud, or using an application currently in the cloud to replace the original application. - 12/14/2021

7 Benefits Cloud Computing Can Bring to Asp.Net Developer
ASP.NET developers are now in high demand as more and more companies seek a competitive advantage through better software for their web applications. - 12/03/2021

Implementing a Data Classification Policy in AWS
Your organization's databases contain data with different levels of confidentiality-some data is more sensitive than others. Data classification policies can assist in enterprise information management, ensuring that sensitive information is properly handled to mitigate potential threats. - 10/25/2021

The Importance of Cybersecurity in Banking
Banks are essential to any economy. They help people to save and grow their wealth as well as their businesses. However, in recent decades the banking sector has experienced many challenges. Cyber security is one of the most challenging security threats. - 10/19/2021

Four questions a business needs to consider before migrating to the cloud
Cloud-based and leased line services are becoming more commonly used by businesses. This has been the case for several years but with the rise of remote working, being able to access business data and software like Microsoft 365 from anywhere and using any device is becoming more important. The cloud provides businesses with this flexibility. There are multiple other benefits to using the cloud, such as scalability, lower costs on infrastructure, improved security and more flexibility. - 10/06/2021

What is Enterprise Search? Its Role in Business Strategies
Enterprise Search means the act of recognizing particular data across the undertaking to be listed, looked at , and showed to approved individuals. Content without access is useless. Enterprise search is how your company assists employees. No matter they need the content in any arrangement, any place, or inside the organization. Enterprise search enables the user to get the ideal data at the ideal time. Though many useful tools are accessible yet you still need to arrange and manage the content. Enterprise Search is a significant apparatus for organizations. It permits representatives to perform a moment look inside the organization's information base. - 10/04/2021

How Much Does a Cloud Consulting Service Cost?
Many more companies are discovering the benefits of using cloud services to help run their business. Like many things in life, however, you don't want to be overpaying for a service, so keeping costs low and within budget are always at the forefront of a decision. Firstly, understanding what is involved with cloud computing can help provide context for the various costs involved. Here is a short guide on what contributes to the costs of cloud services. - 09/24/2021

Complete Guide to Terraform Cloud Security
Terraform is increasingly used to automate deployment of mission critical, production systems. Security is a prime concern, because any compromise of a Terraform template, or a system deployed automatically by Terraform, may result in a compromise of multiple other deployments. At the same time, using infrastructure as code (IaC) tools like Terraform can actually improve your security posture, by standardizing security best practices and controls. - 08/03/2021

6 Amazing Benefits of Cloud Computing for Businesses
In this modern business landscape, more and more businesses are shifting their data, systems, and apps to cloud computing. They are doing this to reap the advantages of cloud technology available for businesses of all sizes. - 08/02/2021

Cloud Communication for Business - The Ultimate Guide
Cloud communications refer to the contact methods implementing internet connections instead of the standard PSTN. When you implement this technology in your business, every message you send, video conference you host, and other conversations all work because of cloud-hosted technology. - 07/26/2021

Full Cloud Telecom Takes a Giant Step Forward with First Commercial Implementation of Evenstar 4G RRU
As migration to the cloud continues at a rapid pace enhanced by the onset of Covid-19, network software providers have been innovating to transform the way the world connects through a variety of cloud-native software. As one of these innovators, Texas-based Mavenir has been pioneering this advanced technology with a focus on a single software-based automated network that is compatible with any cloud. - 06/28/2021

Bringing together Cloud, 5G, and Edge, VoltDB Announces Enhanced Integrations with New Release
Mobile World Congress 2021 has a distinct "5G for Enterprise" focus. Today, VoltDB, provider of an enterprise-grade data platform built to enable fast-data decisioning, today announced the release of V10.2 of its data platform at the gathering. - 06/28/2021

Cloud Computing Trends
Cloud computing became the main innovation that businesses relied on to enhance their performance, scalability and optimize their costs. Cloud computing solutions have become a new way for businesses to operate online, and it also improved the functions of a lot of organizations. Otherwise, cloud-computing technology triggered innovations in many different sectors. In this article, we'll review some of the biggest trends in this field. - 06/25/2021

The Effect of Cloud Computing on the Gaming Industry
The gaming industry is one of the sectors that largely benefited from modern tech innovations and managed to scale their audience to over 2 billion players around the world in 2021. Moreover, its worth is estimated to continue to grow to over $287.1 billion by 2026. - 06/25/2021

Advantages of Cloud Computing for Online Casinos
Cloud computing is one of the latest innovations that has proved to be extremely useful for numerous sectors. More specifically, it has found a lot of applications in the gaming industry, specifically with the development of cloud-based gaming platforms. - 06/25/2021

What is the Value of Cloud VDI? 3 Trends of the Evolving Workplace
The Covid-19 pandemic challenged many businesses to quickly adapt to different technologies and ways of working, pivoting to work-from-home models almost overnight. These pressures paved the way for three trends that continue to impact the business landscape in 2021. - 05/20/2021

3 Ways That Cloud Computing Can Help Manufacturing
Cloud computing is a trend that is infiltrating businesses in all sectors and of all sizes. That's even true in an industry as physical and hands-on as manufacturing; in fact, recent research has suggested that cloud-based services will account for almost all software usage in manufacturing by 2023. - 05/11/2021

Onshoring or offshoring - which IT outsourcing model to choose?
Outsourcing is continuously on the rise, particularly in the IT industry. Which type of cooperation within the outsourcing model will fit your needs? We take a closer look at the pros and cons of all three of them. - 05/06/2021

AWS Pricing Secrets Revealed
Cloud computing is becoming a major part of IT expenditure at many organizations. If you use Amazon Web Services (AWS), you're probably already looking for ways to cut your costs. In this article, I'll explain the basics on Amazon pricing, present free services offered by Amazon that can help you optimize costs, and show five little-known best practices that can help you reduce your Amazon bill. - 05/05/2021

Managing Cyber Risk by Monitoring and Managing Network Elements
Late last year, the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) published a report entitled "Modernizing Cybersecurity Programs," which was provided to Members of Congress. 2020 was a year of unprecedented attacks on networks, systems, applications, and devices as the COVID-19 pandemic raged across America and around the world. - 04/28/2021

3 Ways to Secure Your Enterprise Data
Hackers are everywhere, especially during the corona outbreak. Cybercriminals have influenced the Covid-19 pandemic to upgrade all cyberattacks schemes, from private network hacking to ransomware take-overs of medical center systems. At present, human emotion is the biggest cybersecurity susceptibility of all cybercrime system exploitations. A swerve of the latest phishing attacks target consumers' trust in various digital platforms to steal private data and destroy lives. - 04/26/2021

Migrating to Desktop as a Service: A Practical Guide
Desktop as a Service (DaaS) provides end-users with access to a virtual desktop using an Internet connection and either an HTML-based browser, or a secure application downloaded to their personal device. The service is usually multitenant, subscription-based, and provided by a public or private cloud service. - 04/20/2021

What is cloud computing?
Cloud computing involves the use of compute, storage, and network infrastructure placed at different geographical locations throughout the world, interconnected with high-speed network fabric. Essentially, it is a global-scale farm of secured computing resources that can be made publicly available over the internet by authorized users. - 03/12/2021

How Online Casinos Utilize Cloud-Based Game Software
The gambling industry has changed. A lot. It's no longer necessary to visit a traditional casino establishment to enjoy a game of Blackjack or Poker, and you don't need to purchase a CD containing a game to play it on your computer at home. Instead, all the casino games you'll ever want to play are available via online casinos. - 12/11/2019

Web Design for Beginners: How to Make Your Ideas a Reality
Every good business has a great website. But how do you start one? Read on to learn everything you need to know about web design for beginners. - 11/11/2019

Ways to Use the Cloud in Your OTT Video Marketing Strategy
OTT video is one of the fastest growing platforms for video marketing. How can you use the cloud to improve your OTT strategy? Find out here. - 11/11/2019

5 Reasons why you should move your business to the cloud
Cloud computing is not a new concept. It has been around for approximately 20 years. But in spite of its launch, many companies still operate the old-fashioned way. In itself, that is not necessarily a bad thing, but you know how the saying goes. Good is only good enough until something better comes up. And cloud computing is just that. As a business owner, we recommend that you start using the Cloud, and we will explain why. - 03/27/2019

View from the Cloud

Reports of the Cloud's Death Are Greatly Exaggerated
The cloud is dead. OK, maybe not dead. But definitely going out of style. That, in effect, has been the subject of a spate of recent articles, at least a couple of which cite Peter Levine of Andreessen Horowitz as a key source. - 07/11/2017

Publisher’s Outlook

Microsoft's Digital Geneva Convention Idea Shows How Vulnerable We Are
Microsoft recently penned a piece about the need for a Digital Geneva Convention that eliminates targeting of tech companies, assists the private sector in dealing with attacks, and calls for restraint of cyber-weapon development, all of which shows how pathetically weak our security has become. - 07/11/2017

Cloud Communications

The Fog of IoT
In fog networking or fog computing, the data, compute, storage, and applications are moved closer to the edge. The current cloud computing infrastructure is too centralized and slow to handle the volume, velocity, and variety of IoT data. - 07/11/2017

Cloud & Virtualization

Clouds Are Not Foolproof When Humans Are Involved
Recently, a major public cloud provider experienced a large outage that took many Internet properties offline for several hours. There are two key points technology professionals can take away from this event to learn from and prevent outages from impacting their business in the future. - 07/11/2017


Data Striim-ing for Real-time Actionable Business Intelligence
The volumes of data being created today are staggering - every device with a sensor, a radio, a signal, a connection of some sort is perpetually creating data, much of which can be used to deliver experiences, products, and services to users or customers. - 07/11/2017

Cloud & Virtualization

Hybrid Cloud: The Dangers of Mixing Public and Private Clouds
IT professionals have been claiming that the future of IT architecture is the hybrid cloud. While it offers significant benefits, there are also significant challenges to overcome when building and supporting hybrid cloud infrastructures - the combination of public and private cloud application delivery environments. - 03/08/2017

Cloud Communications

Sell Cloud Like Drugs
It would take 30 minutes just to explain any one of these services - DraaS, cybersecurity, data protection, and backup. To list them all is a waste of time, but it is what the vendors do. Puke it all out as if they get points for mentioning as much as they can. It is an ineffective way to present, but then most presenters don't care about the audience. They are there for themselves alone. This is why cloud isn't gaining traction in the channel. - 03/08/2017

View from the Cloud

What's Up With the Cloud for 2017
Welcome to 2017. It's a new year. We have a new president. So let's take a look at what some folks are saying about what happened in 2016 and what to expect in the year ahead. - 03/08/2017

Publisher’s Outlook

My Predictions for 2017
2016 was a year of surprises. And there will most certainly be a lot more interesting things to come in 2017. Here are my thoughts on a few developments we're likely to see in the year ahead. - 03/08/2017

Silver Lining

NetFortris Strengthens Managed Services Portfolio with Fonality UCaaS Acquisition
With the deal, NetFortris will be able to combine its existing network and communications offers with a proven UCaaS solution, allowing it to expand services to existing customers of both companies. - 03/08/2017

Silver Lining

2017: The Year of More Cloud Confusion
By now, if you haven't figured out that the computing phenomenon known as the cloud is a big deal, you've been living in a Pokemon-free zone since July. The mobile virtual reality game shattered various download and user records since it launched in early July and, while exact revenue figures for any mobile game are hard to ascertain, most place Pokemon Go somewhere in the $500 million range. - 12/07/2016

Cloud & Virtualization

Not All Clouds Are Created Equal
With cloud IT infrastructure spending anticipated to reach 46 percent of total expenditures to enterprise IT infrastructure, a standard classification system must be put into place to help businesses understand the different features and benefits various cloud solutions offer. - 12/07/2016

Cloud Communications

Three Ways to Differentiate Your Cloud
Today, the marketplace is filled with providers selling much the same thing. There is no shortage of providers for hosted email, backup, hosted VoIP, and other manner of SaaS offerings. How can a service provider cut through the noise and differentiate its services? - 12/07/2016

Publisher’s Outlook

Automation, Now Economy Impact Business Models, the Notion of Value
I recently attended Licensing Live 2016. There, Shlomo Weiss, senior vice president of software monetization at Gemalto, talked about how when he was younger, he started collecting baseball cards, and eventually it became a business. At one point his business tried a different angle - they blindfolded a kid and let him pick from a group of cards for 50 cents. He then realized if there were higher value cards, he could charge them more. Eventually the principal shut it down, but this exercise taught Weiss and his buddies about value and charging. - 12/07/2016

View from the Cloud

Rolta AdvizeX VP Talks About Why Cloud is So Money
I recently moderated a really interesting webinar called "The State of the Cloud in 2016" that featured speaker Paul Timmerman, who is the CTO and senior vice president of business development for technology infrastructure solutions provider Rolta AdvizeX. - 12/07/2016

View from the Cloud

The State of the Cloud 2016, According to Rolta AdvizeX
Today I moderated a really interesting webinar called "The State of the Cloud in 2016" that featured speaker Paul Timmerman, who is the CTO and senior vice president of business development for technology infrastructure solutions provider Rolta AdvizeX. So I thought I'd use this space to tell you a little bit about that. - 10/31/2016

Cloud & Virtualization

Settling the Question: What is the Cloud?
What is the cloud? Lately I've been asking IT experts that question, and I'm amazed by the variety of responses. - 10/31/2016

Cloud Communications

Selling More Cloud via Channel Partners
In an interview with Paula Bernier, the new editorial lead on Cloud Computing Magazine, I was asked how to get channel partners to sell more cloud services either on top of network or in place of network. I have been on more than one webinar where the object of the presentation is to puke as much information out in the allotted time as possible. That doesn't work. Ever. - 10/31/2016

Publisher’s Outlook

You Can Get Fired for Choosing Dropbox: A True Story
An MSP is contacted by a publicly-traded company looking for help managing its IT. When the MSP goes to the company conference room to explain how it can protect the company's servers, the decision-maker explains that the company doesn't need servers, it is using Dropbox. - 10/31/2016

Silver Lining

State of the Magazine, State of the Market
The cloud has enabled enterprises and small and medium businesses to more easily and affordably acquire the communications and computing resources they need to be more competitive. That's because the cloud allows for shared but secure resources in multi-party environments. With the cloud, everybody wins, given the decreased strain on users' IT departments; just-in-time scalability; and, according to some sources, lower costs. But the argument for moving to the cloud is less about actual cost savings and more about the ability to quickly and easily spin up the necessary resources to support new services. - 10/31/2016

View from the Cloud

Cloud Data Security: Enterprises Not Ready for What Lies Ahead
Having recently read this year's The 2016 Global Cloud Data Security Study, by the Ponemon Institute, commissioned by Gemalto, I felt the need to highlight some of the key findings, which clearly demonstrate the lack of security preparedness by the enterprise market, by and large. - 08/11/2016

Cloud Security

Securing Your Applications and Data in the Cloud
When applications and data are placed in cloud environments, it usually means that accessing the information requires connectivity to the public Internet. Further adding to the security concerns, information can be exposed to individuals viewing Internet traffic or acting as a man in the middle (MITM). Hackers can easily attack and attempt to compromise applications and data, since the protections that would have been built into a private IT architecture, specific to a business' IT security requirements, are non-existent or extremely limited. - 08/11/2016

CLOUD Communications

Cloud Growth Isn't Killing the Hardware Business
SDN has made some gear go away; but it also means different hardware has to be purchased and deployed. SD-WAN will change the customer premises equipment as more of it will look like a white box appliance whose functionality is controlled by the service provider. Again, different hardware and functions are being deployed, but it is still hardware. - 08/11/2016

Silver Lining

Pokemon Go a Case Study in Cloud-driven Business
It started, as so often new technology growth does, based on the basic foundation of cost savings and easy to prove ROI. At the same time, there were doubts about what could and should be migrated to the cloud, for security and compliance reasons, or simply for the sake of operational efficiency. And so, the next stage of cloud growth saw an uptick in private cloud adoption. - 08/11/2016

Publisher’s Outlook

Zang to Grow Communications PaaS Offerings at All About the API
At the All About the API 2016 show in Las Vegas, I got a chance to catch up with keynoter Davide Petramela to talk about Zang. The company is a division of Avaya focusing on Platform as a Service - it isn't unlike Nexmo or Twilio, but the difference may be the Avaya tie-in, meaning the company can draw on years of telecom heritage and experience. - 08/11/2016

View from the Cloud

The Cloud and Security: Do You Know Where Your Keys Are?
The frequency and severity of attacks and the sophistication of attackers is impressive. Plus, "hacking" long ago stopped being a sport. Putting aside state-sponsored and cause-related incidents, hacking has become a big, growing and very profitable business. - 05/18/2016

Publisher’s Outlook

API of the Week: Perfecto Speeds Time to Market, Aids Cloud Testing
Beyond live events, our goal is to help foster live community 24x7online by exposing you to new and innovative companies that are releasing APIs that will enable you to enhance existing solutions as well as come up with new business ideas. - 05/18/2016

Network Virtualization

Virtualization is Only the First Step to Successful NFV
To be successful, NFV can only occur when there is architecture in place for both hardware and software. Considering software in isolation doesn't work. Individual networks will vary according to local demands and operator preferences and an appreciation of the roles of both hardware and software is essential for the NFV architecture. This is especially true when considering applications that require a simplified hardware assist solution. - 05/18/2016

Cloud Migration

Best Practices for Integrating Hybrid Cloud
Most enterprises today employ some form of hybrid cloud - and it's easy to see why. After years of private and public cloud development, organizations have found that the price and scalability advantages of public offerings, when combined with the security and high sense of control a private cloud brings, optimize many of the key performance requirements for modern IT. - 05/18/2016

Cloud Communications

The 20 Year Anniversary of TA96
It was a squandered opportunity for both. CLECs didn't take the opportunity to build their own network or get dense geographically, so regulatory changes caused huge hassles. Agents are still out peddling the Integrated T1, only now it may be a cable triple play or a 10MB pipe with SIP Trunks. - 05/18/2016

Cloud Musings

Cloud's Next Big Moves
As we roll through the first part of 2016, many businesses are still developing their paths forward. Employees may still be reflecting on the past year and brainstorming what to expect in the months and year ahead. They start asking themselves, how will my industry change by the end of 2016? Who will emerge as the major players? How will my company fit into the evolving landscape? While technology innovation is constantly in flux, it's safe to say the cloud sector will continue its steady momentum until mass adoption is realized in 2017-2018. So, what's in store for 2016? - 05/18/2016

Business Continuity

Myths and Truths about Disaster Recovery
As is true in life, organizations simply don't know what they don't know. Many aspects of DR remain a mystery, impeding the way to a secure, bullet-proof insurance policy should something go wrong. This article will examine the myths and truths surrounding disaster recovery and how they play into the bigger picture. - 05/18/2016

Silver Lining

APIs, Cloud and Managed Services Create Buzz at ITEXPO
While there were likely several factors that drove the excitement level, one of the most openly evident variables is always the engagement and enthusiasm of exhibitors. We've all been at shows where booth staff are constantly on their phones, or standing around talking to one another. - 05/10/2016

Cloud Security

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2016: The Fusion of Network, Security and the Cloud
We all know that cloud computing has become more widely accepted in the enterprise network. In 2016, we will see more businesses of all sizes turn to the benefits of the Cloud to solve ongoing problems. - 03/14/2016

Cloud Communications

BPaaS: The Next Phase of Cloud Computing
We are starting to see Cloud 2.0 - next generation cloud businesses that provide business functionality beyond software rental. - 03/14/2016

Business Continuity

How Businesses Will Approach Backup and Disaster Recovery in 2016
Disaster recovery will be on everyone's minds in the New Year. Companies big and small will need to invest the time and due diligence necessary to build out solid business continuity plans. - 03/14/2016

Cloud Migration

Migrating to the Cloud to Advance the Continuous Improvement Process
The philosophy of "Continuous Improvement" has its origin in Japan's effort to rebuild its manufacturing sector after World War II. - 03/14/2016

Cloud Networks

SD-WAN is the Future
As quickly as 2015 passed, it left us with a clear understanding that SD-WAN would remain a hot topic for the foreseeable future. - 03/14/2016

Cloud Hosting

2016 Cloud Predictions
When choosing whether to replace depreciated equipment or go to an "as-a-service" provider, businesses are now choosing the latter alternative. - 03/14/2016

View from the Cloud

Does Winning Business Outweigh Security Controls?
This is not surprising. After all, human nature, or possibly specifically that of high level executives, typically will put self-interest above the common welfare. And, as my conversations with CSA members illustrate, the real trick is to create an environment and culture that strikes a healthy balance of IT security and business flexibility. Indeed, the real art from IT professionals comes in accomplishing this in a manner that does not impose onerous processes on users. In fact, such processes serve as poster children for what not to do. They invite lack of cooperation by insiders. - 03/14/2016

Publisher’s Outlook

Zultys Upgrades its Communications Software
With the multitude of product offerings out there, I feel the pain for all channel partners. Keeping up with the latest is a task that needs to be on everyone's daily to do list, and they need to be able to run their business at the same time. Continuing education and training is critical or you get left behind. In our case, this was one of the driving forces to make our software the same, regardless of deployment model, so the channel partners would not need to train technicians or sales people on additional products. - 03/14/2016

Silver Lining

The Cloud Grows Up
When I think back over the past few years to the conversations I've had with various cloud insiders, it's no small wonder how quickly the industry has grown in a relatively short time. On the one hand, two to three years is an eternity in technology, but with the skepticism surrounding the idea of moving business critical applications and data into what was effectively an unknown environment, there was much to overcome and an entire industry driving growth. - 12/15/2015

State of Cloud Computing

The Cloud Wars: The Battle for Enterprise IT has Just Begun
Do you remember when Amazon was known mostly for selling books online, Google was just a search engine, and Dell just built PCs? Dell recently acquired enterprise storage giant EMC, more evidence of a growing trend that companies, while still rooted in traditional IT infrastructure, are embracing the cloud. - 12/14/2015

Cloud Management

How the Hybrid Cloud Hit the Mainstream
Cloud computing is now the de facto standard for most businesses, and few companies are settling for just one or two public and private cloud solutions. Hybrid cloud computing has reached a tipping point for mainstream adoption, due to technology advancements that offer flexible cloud management capabilities. - 12/14/2015

Cloud Integration

Avoiding Cloud Silos
The cloud has transformed the way companies purchase and deploy software. Department managers buy best-of-breed solutions for marketing automation, budgeting and forecasting, financials, procurement, expense management and more. This open marketplace can create "cloud silos," which offer a single department the opportunity to increase productivity, but can actually hamper visibility into business drivers when data in these critical systems have to be accessed across or between systems. - 12/14/2015

Business Continuity

Business Continuity is Not Just Disaster Recovery
What is the most important asset that your business owns? Many - even most - executives would answer this question with elements of the business's technology infrastructure: data, IT, telecommunications, manufacturing systems, and so on. To be sure, business continuity means keeping these sectors up and running under the most demanding conditions using techniques such as data backup, redundancy, and so on. Disaster recovery is a major element of this scenario and, indeed, is probably the most often mentioned functionality related to business continuity. - 12/14/2015

Publisher’s Outlook

Nuance Brings Artificial Intelligence to the Omnichannel World
"The robots aren't coming, they are here," is all I could think of as I mulled over my notes from a recent meeting with Gregory Pal, Vice President, Marketing, Strategy & Business Development at Nuance Communications. Coincidently I also happened upon an article at the same time about how robots are doing more of the writing of the stories you read from the Associated Press - saving time and money and, more importantly, allowing sharing of stories that are of interest to various groups, but which couldn't previously be covered profitably. - 12/14/2015

View from the Cloud

Welcome to Your Cloud Security Resource
(ISC)² and TMC recently launched the Cloud Security Resource Community (, which I hope will quickly become your go-to place for news, information, insights and links to a wealth of resources for IT cloud security professionals. It is also a destination I hope you will rely on often as a place that enables all of your organization's employees, including C-levels, to better understand the challenges that moving to an increasingly always on, everywhere connected, cloud-centric world poses. - 12/14/2015

Application Development

DevOps: What, Why and How
DevOps (Development + Operations) is defined by Wikipedia as a software method that emphasizes communication, collaboration, integration, automation, and measurement of cooperation between software developers and other IT professionals. In spirit, it is a new movement that seeks to integrate all parts of the software development cycle with actual operations, so they run as a team rather than dis-jointed or individual silos that don't communicate well with each other. It has recently taken off due to the rise of mobile applications, Software-as-a-Service, or any other online services that require constant production 24x7x365, versus the prior era of selling packaged software. - 12/14/2015

Publisher’s Outlook

CA Technologies the 800 Lb. DevOps Enabler
It isn't tough to understand how applications are changing the world of business. Traditional industries are being disrupted big time by software companies like Uber and Airbnb. Amazon, too, is essentially a software company and APIs are becoming a major revenue driver for companies sharing information or adding value of some kind. - 07/14/2015

Cloud Services

Building the Office of the Future
Not too long ago, I used to imagine the future of the modern office, wondering what it might be like to work away from my desk. Of course, at that time, cell phones were still cumbersome and rudimentary and the concept of a smartphone was just something out of science fiction. - 07/14/2015

Silver Lining

Data Virtualization: Valet Parking for Your Data Center
I'm not surprising anyone by mentioning that we are in an era of unprecedented data creation which, in turn, creates an equally unprecedented need for storage. Long gone are the days of megabyte-based capacities; once-large gigabyte ranges are being replaced by multi-terabyte size drives, and even those are being superseded by massive petabyte drives in many cases. Exabyte drives won't be far off as mobile data and video usage continues to climb. - 07/14/2015

The State of Cloud Computing

Single-Function Internal Clouds
As a new member of the QualiSystems team, I have been immersed in many recent discussions with our customers and prospects. In talking to them, it became clear that many are on a journey to IT-as-a-Service. This journey may take a few years, but it will be well worth it. - 07/14/2015

View from the Cloud

The State of Application Development
In a world gone application crazy, inquiring minds are interested in which apps and what capabilities are on the minds of enterprise IT shops. In fact, Atlanta, Georgia-based OutSystems, specialists in providing high-performance applications development via a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution in collaboration with TechValidate, decided to find out directly from more than 200 IT decision makers at enterprises worldwide what was on their minds concerning critical apps for 2015. - 07/14/2015

Cloud Management

Business Analytics: The Key to Managing IT in the Cloud
Thanks to technology, we're able to store and retrieve copious amounts of data relating to all aspects of our businesses. In a perfect world, we'd be able to easily synthesize that data and use it to make informed decisions to better our companies' financial and competitive positions. - 07/14/2015

Cloud Communications

Why We Don't Have UC
I tend to throw Collaboration into the UC bucket, which means we have to include Microsoft Lync (renamed Skype for Business), Office 365, Dropbox, conferencing (audio, web, video), and contact centers. Many CLECs just offer the hosted voice as a standalone product. Some of it has to do with the buyer. Most buyers only know what they know; they don't know what they don't know. Do they have the time (and patience) to learn what they don't know about how UC can make the business flexible and competitive? In my experience, not usually. - 07/14/2015

View from the Cloud

Cloud Security Alliance Survey Finds Financial Firms are in Search of a Cloud Strategy
When it comes to cloud adoption by enterprises, it is no secret that one of the biggest obstacles to adoption, if not the biggest, has been concerns about security. This means the security of data at rest as well as on the move. The vertical market that has proven to be a difficult one for cloud providers, especially because of the intensity surrounding the need to mitigate risks at almost any cost, has been the financial services sector. Let's just say that C-levels at banks, insurance companies and all types of investment and wealth management firms around the world have been cloud skeptics. - 04/27/2015

Silver Lining

The Future According to Microsoft: Universal Communications
The world is changing. Business used to be straightforward - you create or produce something, then you market and sell it. There was always some level of ownership involved; and there's always been some level of local infrastructure in play. But, today, when you look at some of the most successful businesses in the world, they don't own or produce their own products. - 04/27/2015

Publisher's Outlook

SimpleWAN Well Positioned for Security-as-a-Service Growth
The state of IT security is terrible - that is the only conclusion you can make, when breach after breach is reported by global media outlets. Keep in mind, these are only the breaches we hear about... countless others go unreported. Hackers are winning the war against companies and customers are caught in the crossfire. There is so much at risk: Millions of dollars of reputational damage, direct lost business, lawsuits and much more. - 04/27/2015

Open Source Cloud

What to Expect from OpenStack
At the beginning of every year, I like to take a moment to look at how far where we've come from a technology perspective and to venture a guess at where I believe things are going. Some of the most formative and influential moments I had this year were related to the growth around OpenStack, which was especially notable after my return from each OpenStack summit. As such, I'm going to focus my predications for cloud trends around around OpenStack in 2015. - 04/27/2015

Cloud Impact

Enterprise Mobility is Poised to Set A New Precedent
In 2014, the stage was set for mobile to become a driving force in the enterprise. From the rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT), to new approaches to app development and collaboration, and even the growing acceptance and adoption of a two-track approach to IT that promotes both speed and agility - in my view, mobility is poised to set a new precedent in the enterprise in 2015. Here, we look at some of these forces to better understand what they are and how they are driving change in the enterprise. - 04/27/2015

Hybrid Cloud

Financial Firms Acclimate to the Cloud by Embracing Hybrid Architecture
After a tumultuous period of several years, the financial industry has slowly rebounded from a global crisis and is fighting to win back both the business and trust of their customers. It's expected to be a long road, particularly given research that shows how little confidence consumers have in financial institutions. - 04/27/2015

Cloud Services

Top 3 Barriers IT Consultants Face in Embracing the Cloud
It's impossible to ignore the meteoric rise of cloud-based services. Surveys and articles in publications ranging from The Wall Street Journal to Information Week have been trumpeting a tipping point for cloud computing for several years. More recently, RightScale's annual State of the Cloud survey revealed that an amazing 94 percent of businesses are utilizing the cloud for at least some of their IT needs. - 04/27/2015

Cloud Predictions

New Cloud Formations in 2015
2014 was a year of significant maturation for cloud computing. We now have a complex and established cloud ecosystem, which means the way we use it, implement it and, even the way we talk about it, is changing rapidly. As we settle into 2015, the conversation around cloud is becoming increasingly subtle and the use cases more sophisticated. As cloud computing allows us to continue pushing boundaries in business, we're enjoying greater agility, innovation and, in some cases, witnessing the disruption of entire industries by the adoption and application of cloud technology. This is happening even in the most traditional, non-technology spaces. - 04/27/2015

Cloud Communications

It Will All be About Integration
We have hit a time when mobile is flat. Everyone has at least one device and studies show that households have an average of 7 Internet-connected devices. This morning, one person mentioned that he has 30+ devices connected in his household. - 04/27/2015

Silver Lining

What the Xbox Live Outage Can Teach Us
What happens when the cloud fails and customers aren't able to access their resources, applications, data, or services? The cloud is supposed to be the great equalizer, providing scalability, security, and reliability, ensuring that all your apps and services are available whenever you need them. In fact, Ted Brown writes starting on page 22 about why managed Office 365 is a great alternative for SMBs. - 04/06/2015

Cloud Predictions

2015: The Year of Bigger, Better, Faster, and Cheaper Cloud
With 2015 around the corner, now seems like a great time for everyone to prognosticate on what's going to happen next year. With that being said, I'll throw my hat in the ring and submit some of my ideas on where I think things will go next year. It will be fun to look back and see where I was right and where I was wrong. - 04/06/2015

Cloud Predictions

Three Keys to Cloud in 2015
Now that cloud services have become part of IT's "new normal," commonly referred to as "Hybrid," it seems obvious that the approaches and tools we use to manage IT would also evolve and mature, though the pace of evolution varies amongst companies, of course. According to a Gartner survey, more than 55% of CIOs indicate they would host all critical apps in the cloud by 2020. Cloud services use cases can vary greatly, but often hold common themes around converting traditional application to SaaS, or adding disaster recovery to existing datacenters with RaaS. - 04/06/2015

Cloud Communications

Delivering the Invisible
Harry Beckwith wrote a good book titled, Selling the Invisible. When we are selling cloud services, we are selling the removal of hardware from the premise. Cloud services are essentially the invisible, the intangible. The real feat, though, is to deliver the invisible. The whole idea of being a technology provider is that you make the technology invisible to the customer. - 04/06/2015

Cloud Evolution

Opengear Adds Cellular Failover Capability to Support
As cloud computing adoption continues to grow, the market is also evolving, with ever-increasing needs being placed on cloud resources, making capabilities that only yesterday were considered "next-gen," yesterday's news. One of the trends emerging from the evolution of cloud computing is Fog Computing. The idea is that, in order to create faster and more efficient applications and services, processing power must be moved closer to the user, to the network edge. - 04/06/2015

Cloud Performance

Four Rules for Enterprise Application Performance
In my role as Director of Product Management at BlueStripe Software, I get to see how large-scale distributed enterprise applications are designed and how they work (and don't work). I engage with customers and get to see their distributed applications up close. I've personally reviewed hundreds of application deployments across a variety of industries, application types, technology stacks, and architectural philosophies. And I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to talk with IT Executives about the problems that concern them the most. - 04/06/2015

Cloud Management

Single Sign-on for Cloud and On-premises Apps
A few years ago, no one was sure business operations should be run from the cloud, and enterprise organizations spent significant time and money making sure applications were safe and sound and securely locked down in their on-premises environments. The mere notion of turning them over to an outside cloud service provider sparked fears for the security and privacy of corporate data. On-premises access control was relatively easy, but business apps stored in the cloud relied on the provider's security policies, which may or may not have been as good as what the organization could provide on-premises. - 04/06/2015

Publisher's Outlook

It's Time to Re-evaluate Cloud Deployment and Management
It's exciting to see that cloud is being embraced by so many. From small businesses to the largest, cloud computing solutions are eagerly being rolled out for CRM, telephony, UC, accounting, storage and anything else you can think of. While the benefits of the tech are clear, what we need to worry about now is management of these cloud solutions. - 04/06/2015

View from the Cloud

The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), Mobility and the Cloud, Perfect Together?
There is no denying that when it comes to "Big Things" in the technology world, whether they are next or already here, if look at any predictions list for 2015 you are more than likely to see the terms Internet of Things (IoT), mobility and cloud as the headline categories with a lot of granularity on what comes next under each. Interestingly, as we move forward, they are not only highly inter-related, but are proving to be virtually and physically almost perfect together. - 04/06/2015

The Future of the Cloud

Changing Everything, Again
Think back 20 years ago, when legacy hardware technology ruled the communications industry. With the aim to replace all that hardware, an all-in-one software platform hit the market - changing everything. Now move ahead 20 years. The cloud is in full view, and another platform is poised to change our industry again. Visionary? Or just a case of uncovering the cloud's true capability? The answer is, it's both. And the approach is pure. - 12/09/2014

Cloud Connectivity

Why the Network is Critical to Cloud Success
It's certainly no secret that cloud solutions have become an important and increasingly necessary part of how companies do business today. For enterprises, implementing cloud-based services can help boost productivity, enhance efficiency and reduce costs. - 12/09/2014

Cloud Backup

Can the Cloud Take on Disaster Recovery?
As someone who talks a lot about redundancy, I was troubled by the thought of talking about the cloud with regard to disaster recovery. City of Asheville CIO Jonathan Feldman, though, was impressed by the ideas and concepts put forth by CloudVelox. Like every good CIO, however, he started small with the company, migrating important, but non-essential elements of the systems under his control, before moving forward with growing capacity. - 12/09/2014

Communications on the Cloud

Cloud is Not a Replacement
The IT/Telecom space is really a product pushing realm. We talk about solutions, but the solutions are often just hardware and software to replace the hardware and software you have. Now, with this cool new buzz word, "cloud," we can replace the hardware and the software with stuff in "the cloud." "Google found that 81 percent of U.S. respondents believe that implementing Cloud technology will improve employee productivity and 71 percent felt it would reduce the time required to bring new products and services to market." - 12/09/2014

Cloud Management

A Winning Hybrid Cloud Strategy
Application outages can inflict serious damage on businesses, from travelers stranded because of a booking application outage to a bank being unable to serve its customers online or problems with electronic trading systems. - 12/09/2014

View from the Cloud

2014 Future of the Cloud Survey has Surprises - Nice Ones for a Change
Did you know that 90 percent of the world's data has been created in the last two years? Do you realize that 80 percent of it is unstructured? Why is this important? After Gigaom Research and North Bridge Venture Partners released their fourth 2014 Future of Cloud Computing survey, I had a chance to pick the brain of Michael Skok at Gigaom's Structure event. Skok is founder of the Future of Cloud program and General Partner at North Bridge Venture Partners. He believes that, within three years, more data will live in the cloud than anywhere else. - 12/09/2014

Publishers Outlook

EasyNDA Aims to Lubricate Business
We live in a sharing society, which seems to be divided by generational lines that dictate your level of privacy. At 30 and under, you likely share virtually everything about yourself online. Older than that, you probably guard your privacy more. Interestingly, there are companies that look at their internal confidentiality the same way. Some startups will not share anything about their plans for years -preferring to stay in stealth mode, while others start tweeting their plans from the moment they get the idea, through funding and potential IPO. - 12/09/2014

Silver Lining

Microsoft vs Google: Winner Take Cloud
From Cloud Arena, the bell has just rung signifying the next round of the Microsoft vs. Google battle. This time, it is Microsoft which comes out swinging, announcing it is doing away with OneDrive cloud storage limits for its Office 365 customers-further evidence that storage has become nearly a commodity (sorry, Dropbox). - 12/09/2014

Silver Linings

Cloud Innovation - A Whole New World
Over the past few years, we've witnessed an evolution in technology that has transformed the way we live and work. Cloud computing has driven incredible efficiency in the business world and has allowed businesses to merge into a highly mobile and flexible era. Indeed, there are few applications and services in either the business or consumer world that aren't touched by cloud in some capacity. - 06/11/2014

Programmable Cloud

Cloudy SDN
Even though Cloud is older, technologically, than SDN, there still remains many misconceptions regarding what, exactly, a cloud comprises. Cloud is, at its core, about the abstraction of resources that can be provisioned and managed programmatically. Whether we're talking IaaS or PaaS or even SaaS, Cloud requires the use of software-defined techniques to achieve the agility and cost-savings attributed to it. - 06/10/2014

The Future of Cloud

The Cloud Ecosystem Journey
"It's all about the ecosystem. There is a lot of innovation to come." - 06/06/2014

Cloud Compliance

Personal Information in the Cloud, is it Secure?
In today's economy, we all shop online and use credit cards to some extent. Do you ever wonder what happens with your personal data after you hand it over? How do the vendors entrusted with this information protect it? What is done to keep financial data secure? How about medical information? Given several recent newsworthy security breaches, consumers ponder where all their personal information is processed and stored - and how safe it is. - 06/06/2014

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage as We Know It Has an Expiration Date
Ten years after the birth of the cloud, Box, Dropbox and other early cloud-based platforms are starting to reap the rewards of their efforts. Box just filed for its IPO and looks poised to take on the enterprise giants of the Fortune 500, while Dropbox is basking in a $10 billion valuation. - 06/06/2014

Cloud Infrastructure

Three Tips for Evaluating and Deploying IaaS for High-Performance Apps
As organizations become increasingly comfortable with putting business-critical apps in the cloud, many - particularly Internet-centric startups - have completely bypassed making in-house infrastructure investments. - 06/06/2014

Open Source Cloud

Consuming OpenStack: Two Choices for Enterprise Success
Organizations that have been successful with OpenStack in production are those that possess significant technical sophistication. Service providers, like Comcast and Rackspace, and carriers, like AT&T, are great examples. - 06/06/2014

Cloud Management

Managing Hybrid Cloud
As we enter more deeply into 2014, we should look more closely at the compelling argument for extending applications into the cloud/hybrid cloud to address the need for fast, flexible capacity. According to comScore, $42.8 billion was spent online from desktop devices; an increase of 10 percent compared to a year ago - a clear example of Web-based systems temporarily needing extra capacity, while having the same needs for security and control. - 06/06/2014