Cisco ThousandEyes: The AI-Powered Leap from Reactive IT to Proactive User Experience

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  June 11, 2024

The modern business landscape resembles a high-wire act, with organizations precariously balanced between brand reputation, revenue growth and employee efficacy. All three hinge on a single, critical factor — delivering exceptional digital experiences, consistently and universally. This experience must be flawless for every user, on any device, at any location, and at all times.

With that said, the path forward is fraught with challenges. Businesses turn to distributed infrastructure and rely on unowned environments and various other platforms. Because of the shift, IT and network teams face a difficult task — guaranteeing exceptional digital experiences across a multifaceted landscape encompassing the enterprise network, the vast expanse of the internet and intricate cloud environments.

A single glitch, a lagging connection or a security breach can have a domino effect that jeopardizes customer loyalty, stalls revenue streams and hampers employee productivity.

So in an effort to aid IT and network teams, Cisco recently announced new Cisco (News - Alert) ThousandEyes capabilities that deliver Digital Experience Assurance.

Now, ThousandEyes uses its ability to collect and analyze billions of daily measurements to offer deeper visibility into public cloud environments and on-premises networks. This means that IT and network operations teams proactively identify and resolve performance issues, which improves user productivity and reduces downtime.

ThousandEyes Cloud Insights provides comprehensive topological mappings of customer AWS environments, including service connectivity, configuration changes and traffic characteristics. By correlating cloud infrastructure and services with user experience, application health and network paths, ThousandEyes Cloud Insights delivers actionable insights for network, SRE and cloud operations teams. These teams, with this capability, can quickly pinpoint and troubleshoot issues regardless of their location within the cloud environment.

ThousandEyes Traffic Insights extends visibility deeper into on-premises networks by collecting and correlating traffic flows with synthetic measurements. This allows customers to quickly detect performance bottlenecks and anomalies within their own networks. The unified view of internal and external network conditions allows ThousandEyes Traffic Insights to help streamline operational workflows and reduce the time to identify and resolve issues.

ThousandEyes Endpoint Experience is further enriched with Meraki Wi-Fi and LAN telemetry to provide more insight into local network issues impacting user experience. Additionally, Meraki Assurance Overview is now powered by ThousandEyes internet and SaaS (News - Alert) visibility. Customers are offered a comprehensive view of performance across their entire network ecosystem, which allows them to pinpoint issues impacting user experience, whether they originate within their own network or an external provider.

“Digital Experience Assurance powered by ThousandEyes enables proactive, automated event remediation and can even correlate configuration histories across owned infrastructure and your public cloud infrastructure with experiences, which can mean the difference between a four-hour outage and a four-minute disruption,” said Jonathan Davidson, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Cisco Networking.

With extensive telemetry data and built-in AI capabilities, customers can build digital resilience and shift from reactive responses to proactive operations.

Edited by Alex Passett
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