CLOUD COMPUTING — 1st Quarter 2013

Telefonica Takes Businesses to the Cloud

Perhaps best known as a leader in the telecommunications sector, Telefonica has remained steadfast in its mission to fully support its more than 300 million customers by developing and providing cloud services that are designed for large enterprise and small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) as well as SoHo and consumer markets. Read More >>>

Feature Articles

Helping Government Migrate their Applications into the Cloud
Government organizations are constantly faced with the daunting task of doing more with less. Many have turned to cloud computing for the answer and made major investments in cloud solutions like Now, they must migrate their legacy applications into the cloud in order to truly realize the cost savings, simplification and consolidation that cloud technologies can provide.

Is the Cloud There Yet?
Cloud computing has come a long way in the past few years in terms of acceptance and implementation, however as 2013 kicks off, the barriers toward adoption - namely security and integration - still plague CIOs considering shifting to cloud-based technologies and services.

Defining Your Cloud Strategy
The hype around cloud (yes, it still exists) has made it difficult for senior IT executives to know where to start, let alone begin to understand the benefits of what it means to be a “cloud-enabled” organization. The choices, the jargon and the frenzy around cloud is, well, jarring for IT leaders who are in earnest looking to make the right decision for their respective organizations.

2013 Cloud Computing Storage Excellence Award Winners
Storage - it's the one thing you are certain to outgrow with time. The massive volumes of multimedia content being produced and consumed are overwhelming traditional storage facilities, leading to an increase in the use of cloud-based storage.

Brokering the Cloud for IP Telephony Services
For the most part, the telecom industry has understood the concept of cloud services, and its basic premise of enabling carriers and service providers to take advantage of an opportunity to address specific IT and network infrastructure needs, as cheaply as possible.



If You Don't Trust the Cloud, Don't Go
Security. Reliability. Functionality. Flexibility. Most of the questions about the cloud have been answered to the point that contact centers are turning to cloud solutions en masse. And yet, among certain decision makers in the business, IT, and the contact center, there are still those that are reluctant to move operations to the cloud.


Did Sandy Shake-Up the Cloud?
This past fall, the Northeast was blasted by a storm named Sandy that left millions without power and thousands without homes. Numerous data centers were flooded and down. All of this happened during the hype of the cloud.


Can BYOD Make Your Data More Secure?
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies have earned the ire of IT professionals and security experts, but for organizations that have embraced software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, BYOD can actually make data more secure. The reason is simple: BYOD decreases the chances of user error.


OpenStack: The Good, the Bad and the Future
The OpenStack open source cloud software project is only two and a half years old, but it has already attracted the active participation of more than 200 companies and 6,000 software developers. New deployments are launching continuously across all segments: service providers, enterprises, and even web-scale businesses.


Considerations When Moving to a Hosted Cloud
I have worked with many companies over the past 17 years to transform their business by implementing SAP. During transformation, companies typically review Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the enterprise architecture and recognize opportunities presented by the transformation.


Taxing the Cloud: Tax Implications of Adding Cloud Communications on Providers of Cloud Computing
This article is intended for informational purposes only and is not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should not act upon the information in this article without seeking professional counsel.


Five Trend-Drivers for Cloud Security in 2013
What's ahead for the cloud in 2013? You can expect a growing recognition of the ROI-driven value of investments in cloud security. Once considered relatively small, the global cloud security market is projected to reach more than $6 billion in revenue by 2016, according to Transparency Market Research.


The Next Level of Application Performance Management (APM) in the Cloud
Businesses expect many benefits when they move to the cloud, including greater business agility, significant cost-savings and of course, increased profitability. Careful application performance management (APM) can be the key to achieving these benefits, in more ways than one.


Interconnection: A Key Element for Successful Cloud Computing
As cloud computing continues to evolve, there have been a number of predictions about the impact "the cloud" will have on the colocation business. With more customers increasingly interested in either providing cloud services or consuming cloud services on some level, Cologix, a network-neutral colocation and interconnection provider, is indeed enabling the growth of cloud.


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