CLOUD COMPUTING — 3rd Quarter 2013

The Right Vision at the Right Time

Over the past few years, much has been written and said about cloud computing. One thing is for certain: the segment of cloud known as Communications as a Service (CaaS) will have staying power in the market thanks to a company called Interactive Intelligence. Read More >>>

Feature Articles

Leveraging Cloud to Meet Compliance Challenges
There are many common misperceptions surrounding cloud computing - one of which is that regulatory compliance requirements preclude many organizations from being able to leverage outsourced, managed cloud services.

Cloud Adoption Exceeding Expectations, New Global Study Finds
Adoption of the cloud by both U.S. and European businesses is smashing all preconceived notions that indicated companies were moving warily into the technology, or holding off entirely, according to new research recently released and obtained by Cloud Computing.

CertainSafe, the Virtual Safety Deposit Box, Drives Secure Collaboration
TMC Labs learned about a new product launching by TransCertain called Certain- Safe that could be a game changer when it comes to cloud-based collaboration. Fortune 1000 companies and indeed even smaller companies are reluctant to put their most sensitive and confidential data in the cloud to be shared with their partners and customers.

Taming Video Archives With the Cloud
The explosion in video use today - on the web, in corporate marketing and training and of course in professional content creation - presents a conundrum for CIOs charged with managing it all.



The Future of Cloud Moving at the Speed of Business: IT says, 'Yes' with Cloud
It's not your father's IT shop anymore. IT organizations have become a critical extension of the business, tasked by the board room to deliver new tech-driven products and services to further differentiate the business - and do it faster than everyone else.


The Cloud Issue No One Talks About
Cloud vendors no longer have to answer whether their services are secure and full-featured. In almost every case they are. That is enough to satisfy many customers who forget to ask what may be the most critical question - how will my new cloud app perform?


How the Prism Leak Will Hurt U.S. Tech Companies
Now that the world is aware of NSA's Prism program, which seems to provide unfettered access to the servers of America's Web firms, we can expect a brave new world of communications and technology competition.


Open Projects Drive the Open Cloud
Open source software is licensed via an open source license, examples of which include Apache, GPL, GNU and MIT licenses. The copyright holder is usually a foundation established for the purpose, and licenses generally cover rights to study, change and distribute the software at no charge and for most any purpose. The code is developed in an open, collaborative manner by volunteer developers and by commercial entities interested in leveraging the software for use in their own products.


Leading Enterprises Think Beyond the Cloud
Decisions today made by leading organizations no longer focus on "should we use the cloud?" but rather "how can we use it?"


Six Best Practices for Safe Cloud Adoption
Cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications are being adopted at an unprecedented rate. While enterprises leverage traditional cloud services such as and Microsoft Office 365, employees subscribe to less popular services, including Evernote and Prezi - with or without their IT department's permission or knowledge.


Cybersecurity Emerges as a Big Data Problem
In a connected world there are no boundaries. Desk-bound activities such as email are now performed on mobile devices. What once required a personal visit is now be done online (e.g. banking, shopping) - from anywhere, anytime.


The Intersection of Data and the Cloud: Journey from A to E
In today's data driven world high quality data is a prerequisite of success and survival. The exponential amount of data generated by big data and cloud computing, coupled with the advent of the 24/7 online, any time global business, means it is no longer feasible to tackle data quality problems as point applications within tactical business and IT silos such as CRM, and billing.


Interconnection: A Key Element for Successful Cloud Computing
As cloud computing continues to evolve, there have been a number of predictions about the impact "the cloud" will have on the colocation business. With more customers increasingly interested in either providing cloud services or consuming cloud services on some level, Cologix, a network-neutral colocation and interconnection provider, is indeed enabling the growth of cloud.


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