It's Time for Network Asset Visibility

It's Time for Network Asset Visibility

By Maurice Nagle, TMCnet Web Editor  |  June 29, 2015

Big Data and analytics have quickly entered into enterprise vernacular, as the ability to have insight on user behavior and application performance can prove invaluable to business operations. Ignorance is bliss, but awareness can prove quite profitable. 

Avotus (News - Alert), a company with over 30 years of experience in the telecom industry provides, “intelligent communication management solutions that offer companies visibility into key telecom assets,” and at the recent Telecom Exchange 2015 Hugh Shannon, the director of business development for Avotus spoke with TMC (News - Alert) Group Editorial Director Erik Linask.

Shannon explained, “We help companies collect and manage data as well as provide corporations with how the end user is using services.”

Avotus makes its software available for on-premises or cloud deployment, and offers managed services as well. Avotus can collect data and generate the desired reports, or a firm can leverage the Avotus software to do so in-house—either way providing actionable insight on user behavior.

The primary benefit is really the unparalleled visibility into your network assets. Avotus provides transparency into the usage of those assets, and understands the cost structure. Additionally, because of its background in call recording, Avotus has been able to embrace the shift toward UC, as it is platform independent—making integration as painless as possible.

Shannon notes visibility as a key issue from the UC side, as “now voice, video, instant messaging are all integrated on UC platforms.” He continued, “We can collect and report on all of those applications with granular detail on the user side.”  The visibility hurdle is a major gap in the industry that Avotus has not just set its sights on, but seems to have hit bull’s-eye.  

Furthermore, according to Shannon, 15 percent of data breaches are caused internally. And, for this reason, Avotus archives all instant messages—for example. One can search the archive via keywords to ensure network security by discovering anything questionable in the system.

Moving forward, one can expect to see Avotus continue its charge into visibility. And, one can also expect to see a play into analytics—as growing adoption rates of analytics solutions are a sign of the times. And, with customer being king, this is no time for ignorance—Visibility, awareness and profitability it is. Avotus can help.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino