Multi-cloud Brings Major Benefits to Business Applications

Multi-cloud Brings Major Benefits to Business Applications

By John Casaretto, Contributing Writer  |  January 18, 2016

The rate at which businesses utilize multiple cloud models has grown at a tremendous pace. One reason the practice has become common is that cloud computing has grown in importance across the business industry. Applications and the delivery of applications have increasingly shifted to multi-cloud. That shift has been facilitated by the ease of integration between cloud systems; now, applications deployed in a number of clouds must be able to talk to each other and to various cloud environments.

When an enterprise employs two or more cloud services into its infrastructure, it has technically delved into the world of a multi cloud deployment. One inherent advantage of this multi-cloud approach is a minimization of risk that is assumed in terms of widespread data loss, or an outage due to single component failure when compared to singular cloud environments. By its very nature, the multi-cloud approach integrates fault tolerance and it also allows an organization to select cloud options that suit its particular needs over other available choices.

This growing population of multi-cloud platforms as a standard is telling. The advantages to business are great. A long-standing platform used by a large percentage of the industry is Microsoft Exchange. It has seen many manifestations in the underlying infrastructure over the years. The platform has increasingly embraced the technological realities and capabilities of the evolving cloud infrastructure during that transformation. Today, there are many hybrid deployments and inter-cloud configurations that have been integrated into the fabric of this business application.

One example of this transformation manifested is the recent announcement by the cloud-based email provider, Intermedia (News - Alert), which introduced the availability of dedicated Microsoft Exchange on Amazon’s AWS cloud service. The formal name is ‘Dedicated Microsoft (News - Alert) Exchange on AWS’. The product is targeted at customers that wish to move their Exchange services to a secured and dedicated cloud environment. The advantages are many, and Intermedia has integrated full backup and high availability features into its Exchange solution, which helps clients address some of their biggest concerns.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere