nGenx Passes 1,800 Hosted Applications

nGenx Passes 1,800 Hosted Applications

By Casey Houser, Contributing Writer  |  January 27, 2016

As third party software providers have begun to offer software access in the cloud, they have also realized the potential of allowing businesses to launch their own software in what is being called workspace-as-a-service (WaaS). This cloud-based workspace can become more than just an allowance of server space; it specifically targets business that have their own applications they wish to share across multiple team members.

nGenx (News - Alert), one provider of hosted workspaces, recently announced that its nFinity nWorkspace WaaS has captured 1,800 applications from its wide base of users. That platform tries to provide clients with an easy method of installing and updating software that could be accessed from anywhere in the world. nWorkspace gives administrators complete control over their applications. JD Helms, the president of nGenx, commented on the ease of use that his company offers.

“Deploying applications in the cloud is often a complex and time intensive process that can put the brakes on productivity during the deployment process,” Helms said. “nGenx takes the pain out of the process for tens of thousands of customers globally and allows them to focus on the markets they serve best.”

As a specific example, nGenx also profiles Paul Petersen (News - Alert), the vice president of customer relationship management company GoldMine, who noted that nWorkspace has saved his company from having to re-write its application for cloud deployment. Instead, it was able to move forward with an existing application and shave years off its production cycle.

Companies that wish to take years off their own cycles may also expect that sort of performance upgrade by migrating to the cloud in this way. At ITEXPO, the industry conference taking place this week, attendees will see a number of talks about how hosted management and production can improve businesses by allowing them to become more efficient.

In addition to providing space for clients to launch their own products, nWorkspace also contains a number of special packages, such as those from Adobe or Microsoft (News - Alert), that are present for a client’s use and require no special setup to get moving. All in all, the nGenx platform keeps away the need for clients to setup or maintain servers and responsive IT teams that handle application maintenance. This can translate to more time for companies to perform their specific daily duties and less time worrying about whether or not their online services will work as expected.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere