Aria Systems: Monetization Solutions Address Today's Trends

Aria Systems: Monetization Solutions Address Today's Trends

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  November 17, 2016

How do large enterprises take their legacy billing and ERP systems that were designed for products with 18- to 24 month development cycles and modernize them to address the new six- to eight-week development cycles that are becoming necessary to meet the needs and expectations of mobile customers?

According to Parker Trewin, senior director of content and communications at Aria (News - Alert) Systems, the answer – at least in part – is to leverage monetization platforms like the one his company delivers. Trewin met with me this week at TMC’s Editors Day in Santa Clara, CA (News - Alert).

A monetization platform, explained Trewin, does more than just billing processes like handling invoices and the like. Monetization, he continued, is the process of providing a product catalog; doing pricing and packaging around that; delivering it to customers on a timely basis; and letting them buy how they want to buy. 

Aria Systems can make that happen by leveraging its active orchestration technology, which integrates across billing, CRM, ERP, and finance systems – providing a single record of truth so employees don’t have to go to multiple databases to call up the same (or different) information. That allows for ease of use and more accurate data, he said.

Earlier this year, the company launched a new product called Aria Crescendo. Trewin explained this solution offers multidimensional customer choice; that means enabling customers to buy what they want when they want whenever they want. For example, it could enable a telephone company to provide a variety of services to a customer through one account and a single bill, and allow that customer to pay for the various services on that bill in different ways if the customer chose to do so.

Audi, Experian, HootSuite, and Pitney Bowes are among those companies that leverage Aria Systems’ solutions today.

Today’s best companies, Trewin said, are really transforming their cultures and creating processes so they can allow for greater customer choice. That includes changes to billing, he added—an area that, in the past, was not deemed as important.

Edited by Alicia Young