Getting Cloud Computing Right with Cloud Perspectives

Getting Cloud Computing Right with Cloud Perspectives

By Stefania Viscusi, Assignment Desk, Content Management  |  February 07, 2017

We continue to hear about the cloud and all the benefits it brings to business. There simply is no escaping the move to hosted offerings today. But along with the benefits also come a host of security concerns that many are still leery about how to tackle. Add to that a growing pool of sophisticated cyber criminals and the outlook can seem frightening.

However, done right, cloud solutions can be even more secure than traditional in-house IT solutions according to Steven Woodward, Cloud Perspectives CEO.

Cloud Perspectives provides cloud computing solutions including education, consulting through implementation. The company focuses on helping partners to maximize ROI and manage risks from cloud computing and other major Information Communication Technology (ICT) initiatives.

We recently caught up with Steven to find out his take on today’s cloud marketplace.

Steven will also be presenting at ITEXPO this week during a session titled, “Cloud Connectivity: Consumer, Provider and Broker Implications” on Thurs., Feb. 9 at 2:30 p.m.  The session will look at typical cloud brokering scenarios and the various cloud options as well as dive into how SDN and NFV can be used to help solve challenges.

Our exchange follows.

How have the growing number of high-visibility security breaches impacted your outlook on security?  Which breach is of greatest concern?

Security has always been a major consideration for many, but now it’s even more at the forefront as cyber-crime becomes a “big business”.  The major concerns are when data is disclosed, but the consumer and provider are not sure exactly what data was disclosed. Solutions must be designed knowing security breaches will occur, it’s not a matter of “if.” 

Is the cloud / MSP model a realistic one for reliable IT security?
When designed appropriately, cloud solutions are more secure than traditional in-house IT solutions.  They do present a larger, higher value target for those in the cyber-crime business, therefore capabilities must be extremely strong to detect, contain and remedy security concerns.

What are your thoughts on containerization technology as an alternative to traditional virtualization?

Both have a “place” depending on specific requirements and constraints.

What emerging technology has the potential to have a disruptive impact on businesses in the coming years?

Blockchain (or similar virtual financial ledgers) and IoT data intense solutions.

Are channel partners keeping up with the latest trends and developments?  Is more education needed and how can they better leverage the latest technologies to grow?

A lack of education and using inconsistent terminology leads to rework, higher costs and schedule overruns.  Information from sources that cannot be trusted often drive decisions or lack thereof.  ICT overall still lacks solid metrics and governance such that decisions can be made base upon quantified information rather than perceptions and political pressures.

What is your session at ITEXPO (News - Alert) about and who should plan on attending?  Why should this be a must-attend session for the week?
The session, Cloud Connectivity: Consumer, Provider and Broker Implications is happening at 2:30 PM on Thursday.

Attend the session to interact and gain insights to consumer, provider and broker roles and how to model the cloud solutions to communicate effectively with decision-makers such that realistic connectivity budgets and activities are incorporated into the executable plans.  

What are you most looking forward to at ITEXPO 2017?

Networking to learn are the realistic capabilities offered today and the stability, such that they can be applied to enterprise grade business solutions.

Edited by Alicia Young