Aviatrix Honored As "Cool" Cloud Computing Vendor

Aviatrix Honored As "Cool" Cloud Computing Vendor

By Andrew Bindelglass, Contributing Writer  |  June 01, 2017

Cloud computing has become a staple of the world of technology, and is both the present and future of the way that we work online. As we enter the second ten years of the cloud being a central part of day to day Internet use, developers are constantly looking for ways to make the cloud both more effective and easy to use. One such developer is Aviatrix, which was recently honored by Gartner (News - Alert), Inc, as a “cool vendor” in 2017.

As cloud computing becomes a more veteran technology, simply deploying cloud architecture is no longer enough to be successful. Optimizing the cloud has become the new focus, and this is the central principle of Aviatrix’s approach. Its platform was specifically built to be compatible with leading cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google (News - Alert) Cloud Platform, which eliminates compatibility issues that other cloud computing providers have run into. As a result, deploying a cloud network, an endeavor that used to be measured in terms of weeks, can now be accomplished in mere minutes. This is a major point of attraction for businesses looking for cloud computing services, and a major reason for the recognition by Gartner.

“As cloud computing enters its second decade, the era of cloud optimization — not just cloud implementation — is here,” Gartner said in a statement announcing its recognition of Aviatrix. “Infrastructure and operations leaders looking to build or deploy cloud-based solutions can turn to these Cool Vendors for inspiration and best practices on the optimization journey.”

It seems that cloud computing is following the same trend that we have seen many areas of business, especially technology, follow over the past few decades. In the initial stages of the product deployment, customers are so blown away by the increased functionality that it is all they really care about. With time, and as more options arise, customers will begin to clamor for products that are easier to use and more user friendly, while maintaining the same level of efficiency. Aviatrix has recognized this and has thus made the user experience a central focus of its cloud computing model, earning it this recognition from Gartner.

Edited by Alicia Young