What the Cloud Means for MSPs

What the Cloud Means for MSPs

By Special Guest
Jose Rebolledo
  |  February 04, 2019

The digital age is all about increasing monthly recurring revenue. Companies need to understand things are changing. People are seeing a huge shift in the market, mainly because there is plenty of value to create and Edward Dryer Sr Technology Strategist Steadfast showed MSP Expo attendees where and how during the session, “MSP Cloud Lessons Learned.”

Growing consolidation among MSPs as they jockey to get in position to capture a larger piece of the cloud market; Not to mention a Gartner (News - Alert) forecast noting cloud adoption strategies will in fact influence over half of all IT outsourcing deals by 2020.

There is a need for more IT support in order to be effectively compete in years to come. Unfortunately, companies are hesitating on adding cloud services even when there are numerous advantages. The company may not be ready to make the necessary investments to deploy the type of system infrastructure to support these service..

 With this stated, among those benefits, impacting a portfolio is tremendous when implementing this function, primarily because the cloud can be a crucial part of the strategy as a whole, MSP customers having limited understanding of it and providers do not have to be a competitive threat in this area.

Comprehending IT assets is crucial because as a service provider it could be backup or disaster recovery, processing power, or sizing a server quickly on-demand. Learn how to deliver lesser costs in a quick, agile, reliable, resilient and redundant manner simultaneously.  

The cloud market is still maturing, but it is clear that this disruptive technology puts the power of opportunity out there en mass.

Edited by Maurice Nagle