SearchYourCloud Gives Data Search a Boost

By Lisa M Singer, Managing Editor  |  November 19, 2015

In this data-driven society it’s hard to believe we still have difficulty finding the information we need. In fact, employees spend an average of 1.8 hours every day, 9.3 hours per week, searching and gathering information. SearchYourCloud (SYC) CEO, Simon Bain, realized this years ago after conducting a survey that found “20 percent of knowledge work is time wasted looking for stuff”.  

He spoke with TMC (News - Alert) this month at Silicon Valley Editor’s Day and had this to say:

 “Enterprise search was never set up for people to find stuff. It was set up so that vendors, software companies, could sell you services, so we write software which actually enables people to find stuff.”

SYC is a provider of a patented federated search and security application for enhanced searching and sharing of data across multiple cloud and enterprise platforms. Put simply, they’re able to search many different sources simultaneously to obtain information, and return with more accurate and specific results.

SYC recently announced an OEM agreement with SAP (News - Alert) that will integrate and offer the capabilities of SAP HANA Cloud Platform with the SearchYourCloud Server.

“We’ve now embedded HCP into our system, so we can provide a full cloud offering with full secure access to all of your information, whether it’s on your desktop, in your CRM system or any of your data bases from any location,” says Bain.

He adds, “Search isn’t just about finding stuff. It isn’t any good having information open to everybody, but at the same time encryption’s no good if you can’t find it, so we bring the two together.”

With SAP HANA Cloud Platform, companies, using one quick search, can increase their work flow by allowing users to access all of their sensitive documents from any web-connected device, enabling businesses to make smarter decisions faster through real-time analysis and reporting.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere
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