Impacts Of Cloud Computing In Our Everyday Life

By Special Guest
Todd willber
  |  October 09, 2020

The cloud is like another term used to describe the internet. Cloud computing is the ability to deliver high demand computer services such as storage and processing power over the internet. Ever wondered where your Instagram post is stored? Well, it's the cloud. Cloud computing is impacting our lives in many ways that we overlook. It has not only impacted our lives but also how businesses and organizations manage their data and customers. Cloud computing has dramatically improved our healthcare facilities and is secretly changing the technical word. 

Below are some of the critical areas of our daily lives that have seen a revolution by cloud computing.


In recent days, educational institutions have been adopting cloud computing because it offers a wide range of benefits to the students, staff, and institutions. Cloud computing has enabled students to access data anywhere and at any time. Students can enrol online and participate in online learning activities. Cloud computing has enabled institutions to use the storage cloud to store large amounts of data securely without installing a complicated and expensive infrastructure. For students in less developed countries, cloud computing technology has enabled them access to educational websites and cloud knowledge-sharing forums and communities.

Social impact

The big industries such as music and video live stream, online casino, online gaming, and google search engine is living proof of how much cloud computing has greatly impacted our lives. An event in one part of the world can reach all the corners of the world. We are able to live stream football matches or watch our favourite movies on Netflix because of cloud computing. Looking for long lost high school friends has never been easy, but with the development of social networks like Facebook (News - Alert) and Instagram, it's much easy to connect with friends and people through the online community.  In addition, most politicians are now turning to social engines, mainly twitter, to communicate with the public. Development in cloud computing and social media technology has allowed businesses to access sophisticated analysis that provides better insights on customer requirements and potential services.


Cloud computing technology is gaining pace in the healthcare industry. Its application includes managing and sharing patient data to reduce operational costs, such as data storage devices. In addition, patients are able to access their medical records through pervasive devices like mobile phones. This has seen the medical sector move from the traditional intranet to a quick and secure solution through cloud computing.


Most modern vehicles come with preinstalled navigation programs. Cloud computing has enabled these navigation programs to store large amounts of data and regularly update it to assist you. Whenever you use these tools, you are indirectly utilizing the cloud to allow you to move from one point to another.

Online shopping

Online shopping grows day by day. Most online shopping platforms are using the cloud to store important client information to provide better customer experience and come up with a better marketing strategy.  They use the analytical data provided like, recently view or provide customer recommendations as a result of cloud computing.

Personal storage

If you ever want to send a large file to your friend, chances are you will use Dropbox. If you have a person Gmail or Outlook email service, all your personal data are stored on Google (News - Alert)'s or Microsoft's cloud server. This is possible because of cloud computing.


Cloud computing is playing a significant role in everyday activities. We have been using the cloud to manage our personal email data, data from your favourite online casino, and much more. The cloud has dramatically reduced storage costs for institutions and has made it easier for students to access educational resources quickly.

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