Colocation: The Importance of Data Storage for Your Business

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  |  October 28, 2020

Data Centre Colocation services are those which offer organizations the ability to store their physical servers in a secure data centre provided and maintained by a hosting company. A business entrusts the care of their servers and data to a service provider and enjoys their power, network connections and security. Data is the new gold, so businesses naturally are treating the security and integrity of their data with extreme seriousness.

Below are some of the reasons data storage is so important for your business and why colocation is a highly popular option among a growing number of organizations, large and small.

Full-service outsourcing to the experts

One of the most compelling reasons to consider colocation data storage is that many companies simply don’t have the time or expertise to adequately maintain and carry out these IT functions in-house.

There is a wide range of data storage centres out there offering colocation services, but not all of them are created equal. Make sure they emphasize their commitment to customer service and, importantly, to working day and night to ensure your data’s integrity.

Flexible Control

Colocation data storage provides business owners with more flexible control over their network. Some colocation providers have the option of using their staff to manage your servers or continuing to manage and maintain your equipment the same way you would if it were kept in-house.

Depending on what your operational priorities and budgetary constraints are at any given moment, this form of data storage potentially represents a worthwhile alternative to in-house server management.

The Security of Your Data

While it must be noted that data-sharing is more difficult outside of the cloud, the cloud, as has been proven time and time again, is vulnerable. Numerous studies and experiments have shown how easy it is for an experienced programmer to break into the cloud.

Colocation services provide physical security and physical disaster mitigation. While cloud storage is certainly not a bad option, colocation provides an alternative to the downsides of cloud storage and particularly cloud vulnerability.


Colocation is a great option because it provides a choice to businesses which may not have the budget to hire IT experts and pay them competitive salaries. It also helps alleviate the costs associated with investing in expensive network hardware and an adequate hosting facility. Doing all of this requires not only substantial up-front costs but also time, which adds additional opportunity costs.

If you want your data safely stored and potentially managed by experts in a secure location with infrastructure that you access and pay for on a use-basis, then colocation makes a lot of sense. Both new and growing businesses often opt for colocation storage to help manage the costs of starting up and scaling.

Scale Your Bandwidth (News - Alert)

Another major incentive to entrust your servers and data to colocation storage experts is because it helps address the bandwidth dilemma. Many businesses, especially growing ones, underestimate the amount of bandwidth they will require while scaling or are suddenly overwhelmed by how much is required after a sudden growth spurt.

Colocation data storage can provide business with access to much more generous amounts of bandwidth at a lower cost. The size of the colocation centre and its access to bandwidth means you enjoy more cost-effective access.


Your data storage decision is one of the most important you will make as a business owner. What it costs to protect, house and maintain access to your data; how you will deal with increasing bandwidth needs; and what kind of flexibility you are looking for are all major factors to consider. Keep the above list of considerations in mind and ensure you choose the colocation data storage option that makes the most sense for you and your business.

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