Why Browser-Based Online Meetings Are Becoming More Popular

By Special Guest
Dora Bloom
  |  November 25, 2020

Effectively communicating with your team via an online two-way group communication platform starts with simple, intuitive, and user-centric technology. If you’re required to stay in touch with your team, conduct regular online meetings, and oversee, run and develop projects remotely, then you’re going to want a clear cut solution that optimizes your workflow.

Online meeting tools that function without downloads, like a free browser-based solution, work to create harmony across all your virtual syncs.

A browser-based meeting is a video call that starts simply by clicking on the video call link (sent by email, SMS, etc.). Upon clicking the link, a browser opens and the video call is up and running and hosted within the browser tab.

Here’s why browser-based technology is the way of the future:

  1. It’s Inclusive
    In an online meeting that doesn’t require hardware or proprietary software, everyone (including potential clients for a new business or an interviewee during a podcast) can seamlessly join the meeting.

    A browser-based video conferencing solution is limitless. You can join a meeting anytime, from anywhere from any device without IT having to hook or set anything up.
  2. Simplifies The User Experience
    When downloading software isn’t an option, hosts can instantly launch a meeting and participants can instantly join. By clicking a link in your email, the browser-based technology is readily available to connect you to your online meeting.

    There is no risk of downloading potentially corrupt third party files and zero challenges or time wasted installing software.
  3. Requires The Bare Necessities

Browser-based online meetings open up the level of convenience. As long as participants have a device (mobile, tablet, desktop, or laptop), a webcam, a mic, speakers, and a solid internet connection, then a video call or conference call can happen effortlessly.

  1. Offers Uncomplicated Access
    A browser-based solution bypasses the need for firewall blocks which can cause delays and complications. Proprietary software can sometimes become blocked as a means to safeguard information from hackers. Better and more streamlined communication becomes the norm when online meetings can be joined easily and with direct access.
  2. It’s Safe And Secure
    Applications installed on your device increases the chance of being exposed to hackers or a breach in security. Browser-based solutions are more reliant on the browser’s built-in security measures typically maintained by Google (News - Alert), Apple, and Microsoft.

    Plus, browser-based video conferencing usually comes with its own set of security features like meeting locks and access codes which are highly effective at protecting information.

Expensive equipment, complicated login information, and high costs associated with video conferencing solutions are things of the past. With browser-based video meetings at the forefront of how you communicate, some of the benefits include:

  • Zero downloading of apps or software
  • No login required (some solutions come with PIN-less entry)
  • Instant entry to the call
  • Higher security, and lower chance of hacking
  • Available on any device
  • Ability to call anyone, anywhere
  • Provides the same features as video software that isn’t browser-based:
    • Customizable, branded online meeting rooms including custom hold music, personalized logos, and brand colors, meeting room ID, and more.
    • High-quality audio and video
    • Screen sharing, and file and document sharing
    • Meeting recording
    • Text chat

Stay in touch with anyone from anywhere, at any time using browser-based technology that creates cohesive workflows and simplifies online meetings.

About the Author:

Dora is a seasoned Marketing Manager and content creator enthusiastic about everything tech – most notably SaaS (News - Alert) and UCaaS. She is an experiential marketing powerhouse having gained unparalleled hands-on experience with customers and prospects throughout her career. Dora takes a customer-centric traditional approach to marketing, creating compelling brand stories and general content. She is a big believer in Marshall McLuhan’s “the medium is the message.”

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