Avetra Boosts Digital Services for E&U Clients with Support from IBM Cloud

By Luke Bellos, Editor, TMCnet  |  January 06, 2021

A new collaboration has been announced between IBM (News - Alert) and Avetra to assist clients in the energy and utility industry with new digital capabilities. Avetra, which specializes in integration services, products and consulting on a global scale, plans to use IBM cloud services to host its MiCustomer Digital Experience, allowing E&U organizations to have more advanced operations. The latest announcement marks another example of how companies across a wide range of industries are adopting cloud services to enhance business functionality.

"We are seeing the energy and utilities industry accelerating its cloud adoption, particularly to improve communication, function and accessibility to meet the demands of increasingly digitally-native consumers," said Evaristus Mainsah, General Manager, IBM Hybrid Cloud and Edge Ecosystem.

Avertra’s MiCustomer solution, merged with IBM’s cloud technology, will allow clients to manage the entire customer engagement service. Invoicing, correspondence, and analytics are just a few of the areas where MiCustomer will be able to assist with, but will have the added benefit of having these features in one unified platform.  

The new platform also gives users more access to data that can improve costs and efficiency. The solution can keep tabs on their energy usage, predict future usage and have oversight into their overall utility spend, along with other real-time features that support a simpler and more personalized experience.

Bashir Bseirani, CEO at Avertra commented on the new partnership.“Our mission is to 'simplify life,' and we view our IBM collaboration as a way to simplify how we manage our critical digital assets. We look forward to the next stage in our journey with IBM,".

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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